Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Count Your Blessings

This week is about counting our blessings.

Everyday is a blessing for me. And I always thank God for that. Even though He chose our little girl to be his angel before she was even born, I had not blamed or lose my faith in Him. I know He has reasons why He took away what He has given us. Even how difficult it is, I have to and had accepted it.

Since we are required to give at least five (5), here’s what I can share…

My Life – Being able to wake up every day and be with my family is a blessing for me. Staying healthy and strong inside and out. And being able to accept and surpass trials and hardships, that I always thank our Lord, Almighty. 

Our 1 year and 7 month old son - Javen Xyrus
Our First Born, Our Son – Seeing him healthy and active is a blessing for us. Since, he is a pre-term baby born at 36 weeks weighing only 4.6lbs, we always make sure that he is well taken care of. We’re also thankful that we have enough income to give him complete immunization to prevent him from any diseases. 

digital scrapbooking credits: delicious scraps
My Husband – Jessie is my first and last boyfriend turned husband after 7 years in relationship. He is my pillar, my strength and my best friend. He’s a kind of person who will wake up at night and prepare milk to his son, whenever he’s not on graveyard shift. 

Our Job – Hubby and I are so blessed working in one of the biggest corporation in our country. Our monthly incomes are above the average daily wages of ordinary workers and are more than enough for our family.   

New Cellphone –Thanks to our travel allowance for two months in Cagayan de Oro City before finally transferring for good, I was able to buy a new mobile phone, an android phone Samsung Galaxy S2. My one year old Samsung Galaxy Mini went to hubby… (hehehe second hand lang daw tatangapin 

picture not mine

Our Own Lot – Last week hubby and I went to Robinson’s Home and signed a new deed of sale. We have finally completed our monthly amortization for the 160sqm corner lot at Fresno Subdivision. Now our next step is to sell this lot. Anyone interested? Winks*  

These are the blessings I can think of, aside from the blessings that I cannot put into words.  Living our lives every day is indeed a complete blessing.

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