Sunday, July 29, 2012

Disney Magic English and More

Two weeks ago, two lady agents came to our house and sold me these learning materials from Grolier. The impulse buyer me was convinced to buy these stuffs worth P13,000+ without further thinking. After I got the items, that's the time I asked myself why I bought them and it's way too expensive.

Probably I was convinced with the marketing strategy of buying the Disney Magic English (with 13 activity books and 13 dvds) for P13,000 and get the Fun Thinkers and Illustrated Dictionary for free.

Disney Magic English Set

The Fun Thinkers Activity books is worth P8000+ alone (the one I'm attracted too), but I can get it for free if I buy the Magic English set plus the dictionary. Marketing marketing! And they got me.

Fun Thinkers

Illustrated Dictionary
 Anyway since I already got them, might as well use them for my son soon.


  1. I've bought the same set for my son..

  2. I'm sure it's worth it. He'll learn a lot from those books.

    My Blue.

  3. I trust after you invested in these books, they will serve your son well.

  4. nice activity set for kids :)

  5. Not only did they get you, but they also got your money! LOL

    Portrait Framed in Red

  6. Am sure magiging matalino si Xye gaya nyo!

  7. I had these Disney DVDs for my kids but I returned it after a month since I got it for installment basis. Luckily they allowed that. What I am eyeing from them is the Logico sets.

    Visiting u from MYM.

  8. those are great books for your little man to explore and learn Sis :-) Returning from Blue Monday :-)


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