Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hair Rebonded

I always had my hair rebonded before at my favorite salon in Iligan City, but after transferring here in Cagayan de Oro I have to find another salon that I can go every time I need pampering. Finally, I found one and it's near our subdivision.

Last Friday, I spent 6 hours at the salon, thankfully the gay beautician is not scary looking, so I was able to survive the 6 hours with him. lol..In fairness he works so well, very gentle and formal.

And this is how I look now after my hair had been rebonded.

And I had a manicure too. :)


  1. if i may ask, what is the name of this salon u went to? i'm also in the middle of looking for one to maintain my hair. is it affordable? if it is, how much did u pay for it?

  2. Hi!! Saan sa cdo and how much? Any lenght po ba? How is ur hair doing after u the rebond!? Hmmmmm thnx


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