Monday, July 16, 2012

Samsung S2 Leather Case

I so love my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 android phone. Since, it is an expensive gadget, I want it to be protected from scratches at all times. I wanted a leather case with a sense of style just like those that I have seen in Korean dramas. 

But I have no time to roam around the city and look for it. I assumed that I can't find them here, so my next option was to buy it online.

Multiply is one online marketplace in the Philippines where I do my online shopping, because it has buyer protect features and a lot of trusted sellers. Actually I do have an online shop in multiply too.

I found this Ozaki Leather case for Samsung Galaxy S2 with screen protector at Simplishop for P729.00.  This is the cheapest I found after browsing so many, most of the leather cases are at P2000+. 

Anyway, the price was not bad at all for me because the delivery was free. 

So here's the actual item delivered by LBC.

My cellphone now looks chic and elegant. winkz!