Monday, July 16, 2012

Spiderman Back Pack

I thought of buying my son Xye a back pack so that when we go on strolling at malls we can have him carry his own bag with milk inside. 

Last Saturday, I finally find one for him, a Spider-Sense Spiderman kiddie back pack from Marvel Kids. SM City is the answer for me if I want something nice, quality and cool items. A P299.00 bag is not that expensive for me.

Too excited, I let Xye try it. He's walking around the house after I placed the bag on his back (sorry for the blurry picture) but when he saw his father, he wanted Papa Jes to carry him. 

I was busy taking the picture but the timing was not good.

First Xye was looking at me with an angry look, while Papa was looking at the mirror.

When Papa Jes had turned towards my direction with a matching smile, it was Xye's to looked at the mirror. yikes!

What should I do so that this little boy will smile at the camera? Hmmm... I sang ABCD while holding the camera and viola! I got smiles from both of them.


  1. Cute bag but that kid is just adorable.

  2. hahaha, hirap talaga picture-an ng bata. I always get blurry images of my daughter.

  3. Parehas tyo i bought Ashley a mini bag when he was at ur kid age,, superman naman ung sa knya hehe

  4. Such a cute collection of photos! That bag suits the little one!

  5. it's always cute to have kids bring their own bag. kahit toys lang ang laman.

  6. wow, looks like he likes his new bag.

  7. nice back pack...and what a strange way of making him smile..ohh kids...

  8. Hahaha you really need to be fast when taking pictures of the kids. Their attention are not long.


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