Sunday, July 15, 2012

Start Losing Weight

Yesterday, I visited my doctor and one of her advise was for me to be able to healthily get pregnant is to lose those fats away. After gaining too much weight during my first and second pregnancy, losing those excess fats is really impossible. But after I lost my second child at 32 weeks of pregnancy just 3 weeks ago, I'm hoping and praying to get pregnant again, because I really want another child. If losing weight is the solution for me to healthily carry a child again, I'm determined to try my very best.

To start my goal, this morning I went for a walk from our house to the highway and back. I walked a total of 30 minutes for a start, and hoping to do the same tomorrow morning and the days to come.

By August, I'll return to the court again and play my favorite game badminton with hubby and some friends. And hope this will really help me achieve my goal.