Monday, July 30, 2012

Xye's 1st Birthday Pictures

These pictures from my son's first birthday were finally printed yesterday.

Being a stay at home mom for a while because I am on two months leave from work, I was able to layout Xye's 1st Birthday pictures.  Yeah! these are from his 1st Birthday last November 15, 2012, too late huh..

I made the templates first so that it will be easy for me to insert the photos. I made it looked like from a photo booth with picture size of 5"x7" (5R).

Now it will be easier to reminisce the event without turning "ON" the computer.


  1. wow! time flies fast! happy birthday, Xye!!
    here for last week's WW, Jan..hope you could come by visit!

  2. here again, Jan.. visiting as a host. thanks for joining WW!

  3. Belated first birthday to yous son Sis :-) He sure did a wonderful time on his first birthday :-) Dropping late from last weeks Wednesday Whites :-)


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