Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Never Too Late

After almost then years, my older brother (Weng) had decided to become an Engineer too. Way back on his college days, our mom told him to enroll on engineering course (mom wanted us to take up engineering, our older brother (Manong)  is a Civil Engineer) but he hesitated and took up General Radio Operator Course instead, because he wanted to work right away after two years. Mom had tried hard to convince him but to no avail, she gave up and let him took the course he wanted. And indeed after two years he was able to secure a job in a government agency. 

On the year that Weng had his job that was the time too that our parents, decided to retire from their government post and took out all their retirement pay and invested on business. But unfortunately the business had failed. I was taking up BSEE that time and still on my second year. My parents cannot send me to school anymore. I’m still lucky that both my older brothers, Manong and Weng already had jobs. They were able to help me finish my studies.  After graduation I had to review and take the board exam but Manong had problems with his with wife and wasn’t able to help with my finances anymore. It was Weng who supported all the way until I took my board exam. God has always been with us because I was able to pass the licensure exam. 

Time flies, now it is my turn to help my brother Weng to finish up BSECE. His wife’s and his salary are not enough to shoulder their expenses especially now that they already have 3 children. He wanted a bachelor’s degree so that he can secure a better position in their office.

Age does not matter if you want something to achieve. My brother is already 35 years old, and it’s never too late to pursue his studies and by God's grace he’ll be graduating next year.

By the way, he requested for a new calculator because the one he’d been using is already damaged. I got this scientific calculator for him and will be sending it this week.