Sunday, August 5, 2012

Movie Date: Dark Knight Rises

The last time we went on a movie date was way back before our son was born, 2 years ago I guess can't really remember the exact date.
But last Saturday, hubby thought of watching The Dark Knight Rises, I agreed and had a movie date together. I wanted to watch it at SM or Lim Ket Kai but since it's already late afternoon and we're still at Gaisano Mall we settled watching the movie there instead.

outside the cinema

The tickets has P70.00 tag but we actually paid P100.00

I'm not really a fan of Batman, it took time before the storyline had sinked into my head. That is also because  the show was already half-way when we entered the movie theater.

photo from

Anyway, the movie is quite good for me, although Batman had been severely beaten. I'll be looking forward for the role of the policeman who resigned from his post and went into Batman's secret quarter. Will he be Robin or the new Batman, let's wait and see.

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