Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's Inside my Bag?

I was so excited to write my entry for this week's BC Blogger Meme yesterday because I'm back in my normal everyday routine. Yep! My 60 days leave is over and yesterday August 22, 2012 was my first at work after a very long vacation. But sad to say, my post came out late because my first day at work was a very very busy day and I'm dead tired last night.

Anyway, I'm here now writing this post while on lunch break. 

Let's start checking out What's Inside My Bag? 

start from left..
- Cheek tint
- pressed powder
-lip balm
-dental wax (red case)
-globe tattoo 
-decolgen tablets
-1TB hard disk 
- bluetooth dangle
-card reader
-point and shoot camera
-2 cellphones
-coin purse
- wallet
-cellphone's usb cable
-bluetooth headset for nokia cp
-wired headset for samsung cp
-car key
-company id
and lastly my sunglasses

These are the things I carry inside my bag during work days. On Weekends, Holidays or Rest Days it's a different story because I only carry with me a sling bag whenever I go out. Inside you will only find my wallet, cellphones, headsets, comb, alcohol, comb and car keys.

Let's check out what's inside you bag too. Write your share and link it to Kat, the Meme Host for the Week. Join the fun also by joining BC Blogger. :)