Saturday, September 29, 2012

Live Healthily with Human Nature

I already heard about Human Nature before, but I never took it seriously and had never used any of their products except for the Citronella Bug Spray that I had used for my son just recently.

Browsing their website, I learned more about Human Nature, their products and their advocacy, this made me decide to try the rest.
Yesterday, I asked my SIL to come along with me and visited the HN branch here in CDO. I'm not familiar with the streets in CDO yet, I'm afraid I'll get lost or enter a one way route and get caught by traffic enforcer.  But with Ate Aida with me, we've spotted the branch easily.

Because, I wanted to try the products for my family, I decided to signed up as a dealer, thinking that I can also offer the products to my office mates.

There are three options to choose from and I only chose the Option 1.

Option 1 includes the following:

These are the actual products I got, two of the above listed were not available. I have to pick it up by next week. 

I was looking forward for the 50ml Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil, because accordingly it's the best seller of all the products they have but unfortunately they run out of stocks. So instead I bought the 100ml bottle. I have to wait for my sample bottle which is due to be available by next.

According to the product description:

Sunflower Beauty Oil is full of miracles in one single bottle because it

"is 100% Natural and packed with vitamins A, D & E that help moisturize and nourish your skin to give it that healthy glow -- without any harmful chemicals. It’s so effective and so versatile, the uses are endless! What kind of miracles, you ask? Well for starters it…

1. Softens and gives you lighter-looking underarms
2. Helps lighten dark under eye circles
3. Helps lighten darks spots and pimple marks
4. Moisturizes under eye area
5. Helps prevent and diminish the appearance of stretch marks
6. Softens feet soles, knees and elbows
7. Removes stubborn makeup
8. Can be used as overall body moisturizer
9. Moisturizes dry hair ends
10. Softens cuticles
11. De-frizzes hair
12. Adds shine to dull hair
13. Helps relieve itching and inflammation caused by insect bites
14. Nourishes and conditions eyelashes
15. Lightens dark lips
16. Soothes skin after shaving
17. Relieves itchy scalp
18. Helps soothe sunburn
19. Smoothens skin from shaving
20. Helps soothe rashes "

I do hope this product can also help lessen the visibility of scars that my husband got from chickenpox.

Human Nature is 100% Natural, 100% No Harmful Chemicals and these products will definitely help change our lifestyle and live healthily.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Durain Feast

Last week I had durian for Foodtrip Friday, this week I'll have the same fruit but this time I consider it a feast.
I actually asked my office mates who also had a business trip in Davao City with service vehicle to include me in their "durian shopping" on their way home. And indeed they brought me P500 worth of durian, equivalent to 25 kilograms. The unripe durian was sold at P20.00 per kilo only.  They opt to buy unripe durians because it does not stink considering the service vehicle was an "airconditioned van", ripe durians are very smelly with just few minutes in an enclosed space will definitely make you nauseous.

Anyway, thanks to my officemates we indeed have a "durian feast" at home, I even shared the rest to my SIL. :)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Citronella to Prevent Mosquito Bites

After been bitten by dengue carrying virus mosquitoes and had low blood platelet count, I'm already too afraid with mosquitoes. I don't want to be on that situation again, much more I don't want my son to be spotted by these pests. 

To prevent the mosquitoes from getting closer, I tried applying "off" lotion to my son, but according to his pediatrician, such lotion has chemicals that may cause skin cancer. She even made me choose between dengue and skin cancer, of course who wants any of them, I said none. She advised me that repellant lotion should only be applied on the child's clothes because it is the smell which drives off the mosquitoes.

Recently, my SIL gave me half full bottle of citronella bug spray from Human Nature, that she had recently purchased from her office mate. I accepted it right away and even ask her to get me another bottle after reading that it is all natural, with 100% no harmful chemicals. I'm sure this is what I needed for my little prince.

These products is made of citronella oil or oil squeezed from stems and leaves  of lemongrass. Citronella oil is indeed very popular as plant-based insect repellant.

I'm planning to try other Human Nature products, and I want to sign up as a dealer too. I just need to locate their branch here in CDO first. Signing up will probably gave me discounts whenever I purchase thier products, hopefully. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Used Toys from Davao

Whenever I'm in Davao City, I'll find time to visit the US Surplus where used branded toys from US are being sold. 

The last time I've been in that "bodega" store I brought home with me about eight thousand pesos worth of toys. Imagine how I panicked buy because the toys were really cheap, considering they are all branded. Although all are used or "ukay-ukay" as long as you know how to choose, you'll hit the jackpot. 

This time around I bought these all for P1,520.00.

These toys were already sanitized and ready for my son. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Varicella Virus: Chickenpox

Last Saturday, my son Xye had a fever as high as 38.3 C. It was his first time to experience such a high fever, normally if he has a fever it will only be between 37.5-37.9 C nothing beyond that. I was so scared, thinking my son might had dengue, thank God the fever had vanished the following day. But, Xye had to be observed up to 3-4 days because the fever might be an indication that he'll be having a measles or chickenpox. Even though he was immunized the virus might still infect him. 

But instead, his father, my husband had been infected by the varicella virus or famously known as chickenpox. Because I myself had not seen a chickenpox rash before, I can not determine if its the case after he showed me two rashes at the back. 

photo from wikipedia
I told him to see a doctor. On Monday, he went to CDO Polymedic Medical Plaza for consultation (I wasn't able to go with him because I was on business trip in Davao City), but the female doctor (who seems to be a new resident doctor) can not even determine what the rashes were.

Not so sure what the rashes were, hubby went to work, he was on night shift then. The following day (Wednesday) more rashes had appeared. After work I told him to see another doctor at another hospital. He went straight to Cagayan de Oro Medical Center for a consultation, and it was confirmed that he had been infected by chickenpox and medicine  was recommended. He had to stay at home for two to three weeks until he will be completely healed before he can work again. 

Hubby's case is a severe one I guess, because he told me that there are so many rashes/lesions that had appeared especially on his face. If only the disease had been confirmed earlier (thanks to that female doctor), the medicine could have helped lessen the spread of rashes.

For now, hubby is staying in the other room he won't allow us (Xye and I) to see him. He's too scared for us, he even asked me go see the doctor and had a vaccination. I have been exposed to the virus as well, the doctor told me that I might still get the virus, but the vaccine can help lessen the effect.

Hubby will be under room arrest until next week or beyond. That depends on how fast the lesions will heal. I hope he'll be okay soon. He only filed for sick leave until October 2, 2012.

The fever that Xye had might be a sign, that his immune system had fought the virus off. I do hope and pray that none of us will be infected. Because chicken pox is a very contagious disease, the virus can easily transfer from one person to another.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yum Yum Durian

A trip in Davao City will never be complete if you miss eating durian. Thus, on Tuesday night we went to eat this smelly yet delicious fruit that Davao abundantly offers.

And it's only at

 Deliciously Cheap! :)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Travel Trip to Davao

On Tuesday, my office mate and I are tasked to attend a coordination meeting with our counterpart on the generation side at Davao del Norte. We'll be taking tomorrow afternoon's flight from Cagayan de Oro City to Davao City, considering the road condition in Bukidnon traveling by land is a hassle. And besides the company will be paying for our trip so might as well take the most convenient means of transportation that is by plane to Davao City then land trip to Davao del Norte. Accordingly, it will be a 2-hour drive to Tagum City. I never been to Tagum City before so I'm curious what the place looks like. :)

Meanwhile, this is my reminder note that I have written last Friday.

Got to go..I still have to pack my things. I'll be at the office tomorrow morning to prepare my reports first before flying to Davao.

Friday, September 14, 2012

MS Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last week, together with my friends we went for a stroll at Lim Ket Kai Mall. We window shopped on all boutiques at the second floor that house mostly popular brands like Gap, Marks & Spencers, Nine West, etc.

Just for the sake of buying something from one of the shop, I bought chocolate chip cookies at Marks & Spencers worth P265.00. Yep expensive but worth it because it is delicious and best paired with cafe latte.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Vow

photo not mine
I have downloaded “The Vow” last month but had not seen it until last night. Yep! I stayed up late last night watching the movie on my laptop.

The Vow is a movie about a newlywed who met a car accident. The wife (Paige) had been in coma and when she woke up she forgot about her recent memories. Making his husband (Leo) a complete stranger because she forgot everything they had including their love and marriage. 

Because of his love, Leo is determined to win back Paige by courting her again just like the first time he did. Days passed by without Paige regaining even a single memory about them she decided to stay with her parents, and Leo had to sign a divorce paper.  

When Paige run with her friend and learned about why she left home before, she decided to live on her own and try to discover the life she had forgotten. Eventually she found Leo again after she read the marriage vow she wrote on the menu card of their favorite cafĂ©. 

This love story had really touched me after knowing that this is based on a true event. I can't imagine the obstacles they had gone through, how patience, determination and love the husband had for his wife.

The story tells us that true love will find its way back to where it should really belong.

Here's some of the lines from the movie...

I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.

I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Helmet with ICC Seal

Our wave motorcycle LTO registration will be expiring this month that means we need to renew it. Hubby is on work day off so he’ll be processing the registration today but before that we had to buy a helmet with ICC sticker because his 3-year old helmet is non DTI inspected. 

I’ve seen products that have ICC seal, but honestly, I do not know what ICC really means? Mr. G. of course gave me the answer. 

The acronym ICC means “Import Commodity Clearance”. It is a document issued by Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) Bureau of Product Standards to manufacturers and importers certifying that their products meet the standard specifications and that the products they are selling to the public had passed the safety and quality test. ICC seal can be found on products like children’s toys, appliances, etc. We’ll be seeing more of the seal this Christmas season because they are present on Christmas lights too. 

Because there are a lot of wasted lives on motorcycle accidents because of non wearing of helmet or using helmet that are of low quality and bought from Chinatown that doesn’t protect the rider but rather putting them on more danger,  the helmet law is finally to be imposed. 

We don’t want to violate the law and pay the penalty that is why we bought a new helmet yesterday at ACE Hardware, Save More Kauswagan Branch.

Hubby wanted the white full-face helmet but there is no other size available, hubby had a smaller head that’s why lol.. I tried the red helmet too, hmmm but we end up buying this one.
We did not buy the red helmet because I seldom ride the motorcycle these days. I prefer driving the car than the motorcycle. (kumbaga na promoted na ako from 2-wheels to 4-wheels na. hehe)