Thursday, September 27, 2012

Durain Feast

Last week I had durian for Foodtrip Friday, this week I'll have the same fruit but this time I consider it a feast.
I actually asked my office mates who also had a business trip in Davao City with service vehicle to include me in their "durian shopping" on their way home. And indeed they brought me P500 worth of durian, equivalent to 25 kilograms. The unripe durian was sold at P20.00 per kilo only.  They opt to buy unripe durians because it does not stink considering the service vehicle was an "airconditioned van", ripe durians are very smelly with just few minutes in an enclosed space will definitely make you nauseous.

Anyway, thanks to my officemates we indeed have a "durian feast" at home, I even shared the rest to my SIL. :)