Monday, September 10, 2012

Helmet with ICC Seal

Our wave motorcycle LTO registration will be expiring this month that means we need to renew it. Hubby is on work day off so he’ll be processing the registration today but before that we had to buy a helmet with ICC sticker because his 3-year old helmet is non DTI inspected. 

I’ve seen products that have ICC seal, but honestly, I do not know what ICC really means? Mr. G. of course gave me the answer. 

The acronym ICC means “Import Commodity Clearance”. It is a document issued by Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) Bureau of Product Standards to manufacturers and importers certifying that their products meet the standard specifications and that the products they are selling to the public had passed the safety and quality test. ICC seal can be found on products like children’s toys, appliances, etc. We’ll be seeing more of the seal this Christmas season because they are present on Christmas lights too. 

Because there are a lot of wasted lives on motorcycle accidents because of non wearing of helmet or using helmet that are of low quality and bought from Chinatown that doesn’t protect the rider but rather putting them on more danger,  the helmet law is finally to be imposed. 

We don’t want to violate the law and pay the penalty that is why we bought a new helmet yesterday at ACE Hardware, Save More Kauswagan Branch.

Hubby wanted the white full-face helmet but there is no other size available, hubby had a smaller head that’s why lol.. I tried the red helmet too, hmmm but we end up buying this one.
We did not buy the red helmet because I seldom ride the motorcycle these days. I prefer driving the car than the motorcycle. (kumbaga na promoted na ako from 2-wheels to 4-wheels na. hehe)