Saturday, September 1, 2012

Platelet Count Below Normal

I had a slight fever since Wednesday, I call it slight because the highest temperature that I got from that time until now is only 37.5 degree Celsius and mostly my temperature is only between 35.5 to 36.5 C. I don't feel well, my back aches and I have headache too although they are tolerable. 

Just to make sure, I decided to have a laboratory test yesterday, complete blood count with platelet count. And as expected my platelet count yesterday morning has dropped below normal at 130,000. 

The normal platelet count of a person is between 150,000 - 250,000 per μl of blood. I was advised for confinement by the doctor on duty at the hospital were I had my test but I hesitated. I called our company physician and told her my lab test results and asked her if it is okay if I won't admit myself at the hospital, she said that normally they advise for hospitalization if the blood count drops below 100,000 for adult. She told me that I could stay at home for the meantime and had to visit the lab again to monitor my platelet count, take paracetamol every 4 hours and drink plenty of fluids like gatorade. If my platelet will drop below 100,000 I have no choice but to be admitted.

I had another CBC test yesterday around 6PM, and the result was improving. My platelet count had increased at 135,000. I think I should be giving credit to the TAWA-TAWA tea that I had drank yesterday. 

This morning I had several small red spots on the skin, that looks like rashes, I'm quite worried.  Although I know it is one of the symptoms of dengue. 

I think those dengue carrying mosquitoes are within our area. The same mosquitoes that had infected our two helpers two weeks ago, had infected me also. I am freaking worried, what if those mosquitoes had spotted my 20 month old son. Lord, please help and let the mosquitoes spare my son.

I went for another CBC test this morning and my result was satisfactory, my platelet had increased again this time it is at 140,000. 

Jes and I went to his sister's place at Opol and asked for more tawa-tawa plant. I will continue to drink the herbal tea and hoping that by tomorrow my platelet will normalize.