Saturday, September 22, 2012

Varicella Virus: Chickenpox

Last Saturday, my son Xye had a fever as high as 38.3 C. It was his first time to experience such a high fever, normally if he has a fever it will only be between 37.5-37.9 C nothing beyond that. I was so scared, thinking my son might had dengue, thank God the fever had vanished the following day. But, Xye had to be observed up to 3-4 days because the fever might be an indication that he'll be having a measles or chickenpox. Even though he was immunized the virus might still infect him. 

But instead, his father, my husband had been infected by the varicella virus or famously known as chickenpox. Because I myself had not seen a chickenpox rash before, I can not determine if its the case after he showed me two rashes at the back. 

photo from wikipedia
I told him to see a doctor. On Monday, he went to CDO Polymedic Medical Plaza for consultation (I wasn't able to go with him because I was on business trip in Davao City), but the female doctor (who seems to be a new resident doctor) can not even determine what the rashes were.

Not so sure what the rashes were, hubby went to work, he was on night shift then. The following day (Wednesday) more rashes had appeared. After work I told him to see another doctor at another hospital. He went straight to Cagayan de Oro Medical Center for a consultation, and it was confirmed that he had been infected by chickenpox and medicine  was recommended. He had to stay at home for two to three weeks until he will be completely healed before he can work again. 

Hubby's case is a severe one I guess, because he told me that there are so many rashes/lesions that had appeared especially on his face. If only the disease had been confirmed earlier (thanks to that female doctor), the medicine could have helped lessen the spread of rashes.

For now, hubby is staying in the other room he won't allow us (Xye and I) to see him. He's too scared for us, he even asked me go see the doctor and had a vaccination. I have been exposed to the virus as well, the doctor told me that I might still get the virus, but the vaccine can help lessen the effect.

Hubby will be under room arrest until next week or beyond. That depends on how fast the lesions will heal. I hope he'll be okay soon. He only filed for sick leave until October 2, 2012.

The fever that Xye had might be a sign, that his immune system had fought the virus off. I do hope and pray that none of us will be infected. Because chicken pox is a very contagious disease, the virus can easily transfer from one person to another.