Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2013 BDJ Power Planner

Planners had never been part of my life, I never had one before. But after a lot of circumstances that had happened in my life lately, I realized I do need a planner or a diary to jot down every events that took place, and schedules that need to be attended.

Last month, I bought this Hello Kitty diary to list down all the immunizations, check-ups that I went through  in preparation for my next pregnancy, and also the sicknesses that I unfortunately got this year.

I've searched every bookstore in the area but I had not found remaining planners for this year simply because we are on the last quarter of the year already. So I settled for this HK diary.

I've read about Belle De Jour Power Planner while blog hopping the other week. I've searched, fell inlove and vowed to get one.

Accordingly, these planners are available only in selected bookstores particularly Fully Booked. I even checked it out at FB branch in Cebu City two weeks ago, but sadly they're not available yet. My only option was to order it online thru their website

Among the available designs, I chose 2013 BDJ Exclusive Matte Leather with price tag of P680.00. Luckily, BDJ is currently giving 9% discount + free shipping nationwide for online orders until November 15, 2012 so I only paid P 612.00 for this particular item.
It was very convenient on my part because I still have available balance in my Gcash wallet, I didn't had to hit the bank to make my payment. The transaction went on smoothly and after 5 days my 2013 BDJ Planner had arrived on my doorstep.

This BDJ Power Planner comes with a 2013 BDJ Lifestyle Card, well I still have to read what this card is all about
The BDJ planner also has a lot of coupons in it too, although it's kind of useless to me because I'm not living in Metro Manila but who knows I'll be able to use some. Thanks BDJ for these coupons!
But what made me really decide to get this planner even though it is a little bit costly is "The Menstrual Tracker". Yep! For me who is still wishing, praying and hoping for another child I believe this portion of the BDJ Power Planner will be very useful to me. 


Although, I'm not done exploring every pages yet, but all I can say is the layout is very nicely done. Over-all it's COOL, EXECUTIVE LOOKING AND VERY USEFUL! Definitely "No Regrets".

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Watching Movies and Series using Smartphone

Attaching personal mobile storage devices on company owned computers are strictly prohibited according to the new IT policy that our company had implemented. Violation of the policy is subject to the company code of conduct with corresponding offense penalty.

That means, I cannot attached my portable hard disk with dowloaded Korean dramas and watch them during break time using the desktop pc. Thanks to my smartphone, I can still do this things during lunch time.

Yesterday, I've finished watching korean drama Arang and the Magistrate using my mobile phone. I thought my mobile phone will not be able to read "avi" files, that I need to convert them first to mp4 files which is the usual video files for mobile phones, but after copying the avi files without converting, it did play without any error or what so ever, and take note Samsung S2 can also read the "srt" or subtitle files. Isn't it amazing!

I don't necessarily need my computer, laptop, multimedia player or my tv just to watch my favorite movies and series because I can watch them anytime, anywhere using my smartphone.

Now, I'm more determined to save up for a Galaxy Tab, for a bigger screen display.  :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Starbucks Mug from Qatar

A friend of mine came home from Qatar last month and brought me this mug from Starbucks. According to her she have seen my collection in my Facebook account and had thought of including Qatar mug in it. Thus, she gave me this mug as pasalubong. Thank you so much Ann.

And by the way this is my first post using Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone. Accessing the internet using office computers is already prohibited in the company. From now on I'll be checking my mails and update my blogs using my mobile or at night on my desktop at home.

How I wish I can earn in blogging and get my self a galaxy tab. wishlist....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Work Related Trip to Cebu City

On Thursday, October 18, 2012 my colleague and I boarded the 6:40PM Airphil Express flight from Cagayan de Oro City to Cebu City. Arrived at Mactan International Airport less than 30 minutes after and went straight to Cebu Parklane Hotel to check-in and later on to Ayala Mall for dinner.

We chose to have dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters. I can't remember exactly when was the last time I ate at Kenny, I think about 3 years ago during my Manila stay.

 After dinner went back to hotel and slept early. No night life.

The following day, October 19, 2012.

Woke up at 6AM and took this photo from my room window.

7:30 AM had our free buffet breakfast at the hotel.

9:00 AM training proper. I took this overlooking photo from the training venue, the 17th floor of Cebu Parklane, which is the Penthouse converted into function room.

Our training ended at 4PM, therefore time to hit the mall again.

First stop Cebu Ayala Mall, and got these items at Etude House.

then bought some local delicacies for pasalubong at the grocery.

Two hours after we went to SM City Cebu, I did some shopping and bought the following;

Clothes for my son and cargo shorts for hubby.

Catcha bag from Kultura pasalubong for my son's yaya, our househelp and hubby's office janitor who always helps us look for househelp whenever we need one.

I bought catcha bag for myself too and a ref magnet souvenir.

I had no addition in my Starbucks Collection for quite sometime, and I wanted to add one so I bought this classic mug.

And lastly, snacks at Krispy Kreme had completed our day at Cebu City.

This morning we took the first flight from Cebu City to Cagayan de Oro City. Well, nothing feels great than to be back home after two nights away from my family.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back in the Game

Wow, it had been so many many months and I did really really missed the badminton court. Just a while ago together with my officemates we sweat it out with few games of badminton at Shuttle Square in Gusa, CDO.  It was such a fulfilling feeling after the games, I had burned few calories in two hours. 

And after so long not holding my racket, I had difficulty in controlling my shots, I need more practice to get back to what I used to be inside the court, I really am not that competitive like before. Anyway, my goals in badminton had already changed, it’s not for competition anymore but for fun and exercise.  

We’re planning to play at least twice a week. Hope to play again on Thursday if my business trip to Cebu will be canceled.

I had to incorporate diet with badminton too, for me to be able to lose these super excess fats. Goodluck to me. :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Boys Day Out

Two little boys out on play at the arcade in Lim Ket Kai Mall. Xye and Adrian sure did enjoy their time together driving this blue car.

Goodbye VZV

My nine (9) days absence from work had finally ended, I'll be reporting back to work tomorrow. As usual my colleagues will be happy to have me back because they had to unload and give back to me my assigned job. This is how we are at work everyone in the same section must know each others job so that anyone of us can take over when someone from our group is not around.

Anyways, after 13 days confined in the house, varicella zoster virus had finally left us for good. Jessie, Xye and I are completely healed what's left are the hideous scars that we do not know when will disappear or will it disappear. No problem with our 21 month old son because the few scars that he had will definitely disappear as he grow up, unlike us adults. I do hope this Contractubex gel that my friend had recommended will help heal the scars.

On the other side, I'm still thankful that I got chickenpox already because we're still planning to have another baby, therefore I will be worry free in getting the disease when I get pregnant soon, if God allows. Because, accordingly having infected with VZV will make you immune for the rest of your life.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Korean Drama: To the Beautiful You

The 16 episodes Korean Series that features young high school students had come to an end. Thanks to d-addicts for the videos and to my friend who searched and downloaded the subtitle files.

To The Beautiful You is the Korean version of original manga Hana Kimi (Shoujo) by Hisaya Najako. 

I have already watched the Japanese version of Hana Kimi too, and both the Japanese and Korean version were indeed very interesting and fun to watch.

You can learn more about the series here.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nephew's Birthday

My hubby's ever jolly nephew has celebrated his 2nd birthday on September 30, 2012. A simple lunch was served for his only visitors, that's us. lol..

And just to make his day complete, we've brought with us few balloons and gave him that clothes that he wore of his very special day.

Birthday Boy Adrian
Look how happy he was right? Small things can really make little kids so happy.

The celebrant with his mom

By the way his only kiddie visitor, his cousin was not in the mood and had stayed on the car most of the time.
Xye-xye Adrian's cousin, my son.

Anyway, the Adrian's  birthday celebration had ended well.

On November 15 it's Xye's turn to celebrate his 2nd birthday. See you soon...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pastel with Yema Filling

Having been sick with varicella zoster virus for 5 days now, I'm also having poor taste buds. And since, I'm taking 800mg aciclovir tablets 5 times a day, my stomach, my body needs food be able to accept the medicine.

Foods that are sweet are quite acceptable these days. Thus, hubby bought me these pastels with yema filling, and it did help elevate my taste.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

VZV Infected

Once a Varicella Zoster Virus enters into your house, expect everyone in your household who never had the disease will be infected. 

That's what had happened in your household. You remembered two weeks ago I blogged about my husband having chickenpox, right? Well, he's already okay now but the virus had transferred to us, our son and I got infected too.

This mother rash at my neck had started on Sunday evening, stayed as is until Monday. On Tuesday morning, more rashes had appeared on my face and body. 

mother lesion on my neck

According to my husband, unlike what he had experienced, mine could be a mild to moderate case. The lesions he had had covered most part of his body and his face, mine had not so far.

I didn't see his face on the peak of the disease because he don't want us to see him and get infected but in the end we still had it.

Xye's 2 rashes had started yesterday and today he had a total of 32. I do hope he'll only get this much because he already had his first dose of vaccine when he was 1 year old.

few rashes on Xye's face
So far, he has no fever and active as usual, nothing to worry about I think.

I hope that the rashes I had to date are the most I'll be getting. And praying that the vaccine I had 3 weeks ago will also help lessen the effect of virus, plus the Aciclovir tablet that I'm taking. 

I'm earnestly praying that there will be no complications, and hope that the virus will spare our faces.

I'm also thankful for having this disease these days, because we're still planning to have another baby, at least I don't have to worry getting the virus when I get pregnant.