Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2013 BDJ Power Planner

Planners had never been part of my life, I never had one before. But after a lot of circumstances that had happened in my life lately, I realized I do need a planner or a diary to jot down every events that took place, and schedules that need to be attended.

Last month, I bought this Hello Kitty diary to list down all the immunizations, check-ups that I went through  in preparation for my next pregnancy, and also the sicknesses that I unfortunately got this year.

I've searched every bookstore in the area but I had not found remaining planners for this year simply because we are on the last quarter of the year already. So I settled for this HK diary.

I've read about Belle De Jour Power Planner while blog hopping the other week. I've searched, fell inlove and vowed to get one.

Accordingly, these planners are available only in selected bookstores particularly Fully Booked. I even checked it out at FB branch in Cebu City two weeks ago, but sadly they're not available yet. My only option was to order it online thru their website

Among the available designs, I chose 2013 BDJ Exclusive Matte Leather with price tag of P680.00. Luckily, BDJ is currently giving 9% discount + free shipping nationwide for online orders until November 15, 2012 so I only paid P 612.00 for this particular item.
It was very convenient on my part because I still have available balance in my Gcash wallet, I didn't had to hit the bank to make my payment. The transaction went on smoothly and after 5 days my 2013 BDJ Planner had arrived on my doorstep.

This BDJ Power Planner comes with a 2013 BDJ Lifestyle Card, well I still have to read what this card is all about
The BDJ planner also has a lot of coupons in it too, although it's kind of useless to me because I'm not living in Metro Manila but who knows I'll be able to use some. Thanks BDJ for these coupons!
But what made me really decide to get this planner even though it is a little bit costly is "The Menstrual Tracker". Yep! For me who is still wishing, praying and hoping for another child I believe this portion of the BDJ Power Planner will be very useful to me. 


Although, I'm not done exploring every pages yet, but all I can say is the layout is very nicely done. Over-all it's COOL, EXECUTIVE LOOKING AND VERY USEFUL! Definitely "No Regrets".

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  1. Hi! Where did you buy the HK planner? It's so cuuute! ^_^


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