Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back in the Game

Wow, it had been so many many months and I did really really missed the badminton court. Just a while ago together with my officemates we sweat it out with few games of badminton at Shuttle Square in Gusa, CDO.  It was such a fulfilling feeling after the games, I had burned few calories in two hours. 

And after so long not holding my racket, I had difficulty in controlling my shots, I need more practice to get back to what I used to be inside the court, I really am not that competitive like before. Anyway, my goals in badminton had already changed, it’s not for competition anymore but for fun and exercise.  

We’re planning to play at least twice a week. Hope to play again on Thursday if my business trip to Cebu will be canceled.

I had to incorporate diet with badminton too, for me to be able to lose these super excess fats. Goodluck to me. :-)