Sunday, October 14, 2012

Goodbye VZV

My nine (9) days absence from work had finally ended, I'll be reporting back to work tomorrow. As usual my colleagues will be happy to have me back because they had to unload and give back to me my assigned job. This is how we are at work everyone in the same section must know each others job so that anyone of us can take over when someone from our group is not around.

Anyways, after 13 days confined in the house, varicella zoster virus had finally left us for good. Jessie, Xye and I are completely healed what's left are the hideous scars that we do not know when will disappear or will it disappear. No problem with our 21 month old son because the few scars that he had will definitely disappear as he grow up, unlike us adults. I do hope this Contractubex gel that my friend had recommended will help heal the scars.

On the other side, I'm still thankful that I got chickenpox already because we're still planning to have another baby, therefore I will be worry free in getting the disease when I get pregnant soon, if God allows. Because, accordingly having infected with VZV will make you immune for the rest of your life.