Tuesday, October 2, 2012

VZV Infected

Once a Varicella Zoster Virus enters into your house, expect everyone in your household who never had the disease will be infected. 

That's what had happened in your household. You remembered two weeks ago I blogged about my husband having chickenpox, right? Well, he's already okay now but the virus had transferred to us, our son and I got infected too.

This mother rash at my neck had started on Sunday evening, stayed as is until Monday. On Tuesday morning, more rashes had appeared on my face and body. 

mother lesion on my neck

According to my husband, unlike what he had experienced, mine could be a mild to moderate case. The lesions he had had covered most part of his body and his face, mine had not so far.

I didn't see his face on the peak of the disease because he don't want us to see him and get infected but in the end we still had it.

Xye's 2 rashes had started yesterday and today he had a total of 32. I do hope he'll only get this much because he already had his first dose of vaccine when he was 1 year old.

few rashes on Xye's face
So far, he has no fever and active as usual, nothing to worry about I think.

I hope that the rashes I had to date are the most I'll be getting. And praying that the vaccine I had 3 weeks ago will also help lessen the effect of virus, plus the Aciclovir tablet that I'm taking. 

I'm earnestly praying that there will be no complications, and hope that the virus will spare our faces.

I'm also thankful for having this disease these days, because we're still planning to have another baby, at least I don't have to worry getting the virus when I get pregnant.


  1. Years ago,Our whole household got chicken pox..Fortunately it was very mild and there were no traces of marks on our bodies.Hope you get well soon..

  2. Keep warm and cozy. I hope you and baby get well soon!


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