Monday, October 22, 2012

Starbucks Mug from Qatar

A friend of mine came home from Qatar last month and brought me this mug from Starbucks. According to her she have seen my collection in my Facebook account and had thought of including Qatar mug in it. Thus, she gave me this mug as pasalubong. Thank you so much Ann.

And by the way this is my first post using Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone. Accessing the internet using office computers is already prohibited in the company. From now on I'll be checking my mails and update my blogs using my mobile or at night on my desktop at home.

How I wish I can earn in blogging and get my self a galaxy tab. wishlist....


  1. that sure is a unique starbucks mug!!! :-) dapat nga magkaron ka rin ng starbucks mug from all over the world para astig na astig ng collection mo! :D

  2. Nice mug. Good luck and I am hoping to earn much from blogging. Hehe.


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