Thursday, October 25, 2012

Watching Movies and Series using Smartphone

Attaching personal mobile storage devices on company owned computers are strictly prohibited according to the new IT policy that our company had implemented. Violation of the policy is subject to the company code of conduct with corresponding offense penalty.

That means, I cannot attached my portable hard disk with dowloaded Korean dramas and watch them during break time using the desktop pc. Thanks to my smartphone, I can still do this things during lunch time.

Yesterday, I've finished watching korean drama Arang and the Magistrate using my mobile phone. I thought my mobile phone will not be able to read "avi" files, that I need to convert them first to mp4 files which is the usual video files for mobile phones, but after copying the avi files without converting, it did play without any error or what so ever, and take note Samsung S2 can also read the "srt" or subtitle files. Isn't it amazing!

I don't necessarily need my computer, laptop, multimedia player or my tv just to watch my favorite movies and series because I can watch them anytime, anywhere using my smartphone.

Now, I'm more determined to save up for a Galaxy Tab, for a bigger screen display.  :)


  1. I am actually on the download of this movie.. hahaha..

  2. either a galaxy tab or a galaxy note pwede na din. :)


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