Friday, November 30, 2012

Food Trip Food Treats

Birthdays are remembered occasions inside a corporate world. Because that's the only day that co-employees will be able to enjoy special treats from the celebrants. That's how it is in our office free treats days are always the best days in the office especially when the celebrants are Section Heads, Division Heads level and up. They are only ones who can afford special treats with extravagant cost. 

November's Birthday Celebrant includes two of our section heads and these are what they have shared to us.

November 9, 2012, the whole division (17 persons) had a sumptuous lunch at Sunburst Fried Chicken at Lim Ket Kai Mall to celebrate Sir Cesar's Birthday. We ordered the following;

5 orders of kinilaw isda
3 orders of tinolang lapu-lapu
5 orders of calamares

Aside from the three dishes above, each one of us had a Sunburst Chicken Duo + 3 orders of rice noodles. Approximately my boss paid around 6K for the meal, and before going back to the office we stopped by at a convenience store and bought 2 gallons of ice cream for the rest of our colleagues from other divisions and including us. hehehe

After the Sunburst treat, yesterday another section head Sir Steve celebrated his birthday. Although he wasn't physically around because he was on leave, three (3) layers of Sbarro Pizza had arrived in our office. Yep! I wasn't able to visit Sbarro yet when since it opened it's door to the public at Ayala-Centrio Mall but yesterday we had tasted the supreme, peperoni and sausage pizzas from the talked about, newest pizza house in CDO, the Sbarro.

It was indeed a treat with high standard that none of us, rank and files can afford. lol..

Thanks so much Sir Cesar and Sir Steve for the superb treats!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Annual Physical Examination

Every late quarter of the year, our company sponsors our Annual Physical Examination.  One diagnostic testing center from Manila had won the bidding and they will be the one to conduct the PE to all employees from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 

Today and tomorrow is our schedule here in CDO. Next week the diagnostic team will head to our Regional Office in Iligan City then to other district offices in Mindanao.  

I wanted to finish my APE as early as possible because I still have a lot of work to do today and tomorrow. I was one of the early bird and arrived at the office at 6:45AM this morning because the diagnostics will start at 7AM.  

Testing includes, blood examination (cholesterol, sugar, etc.) urinalysis, stool, ECG and X-ray. Too bad the whole abdomen ultrasound and papsmear are not applicable for employees 39 years old and below.   

By 9AM I’m done with all of the tests except for the ultrasound and papsmear, then went back to my cubicle to do my pending works. 

This is the mobile clinic where we had our X-ray.

These are the blood samples taken from the employees.

I had a hectic day today and expected to continue until tomorrow. No matter how busy I'll be until tomorrow at least Friday will definitely be a rest day because it's a holiday. winks*

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pocoyo and Friend's Birthday

Xye had turned 2 years old on November 15, 2012, but we decided to have a celebration two days later November 17, 2012, Saturday. We only have few visitors because we don’t have many friends here in CDO yet, we’re happy that our closest friends from Iligan City were able to come (they are also Xye’s god mothers), some of our officemates who are now living in CDO also, hubby’s sister and family, my classmate in primary school who lives here in CDO and her children, and also hubby’s college friends.

I would like also to share the cost involve in this event.

Unlike in his 1stbirthday, this year celebration was held at home, but of course we also have birthday theme, some balloons, cake, catered foods and lechon. If last year, it was a Safari Birthday, this year it’s Pocoyo and Friends turn. Pocoyo and Friends is actually one of Xye’s favorite TV show in Disney Junior. 

I had a Pocoyo and Friends tarpaulin and cake made for him. The original plan was to order a non-fondant cake with Pocoyo design so that it will not be too expensive unlike fondant cake. When I asked about the price of a 10” round non fondant cake (using boiled icing) Pane e Dolci charged me P 1,700.00 he told me that his fondant cake is only P2,000 for the same size and design. I was expecting a price range of P2500-P3000 for a fondant cake and my budget for the cake is only up to 2k, since within the budget I took the suggestion.

Fondant cakes are indeed great because cake designers can really do their crafts really well unlike with boiled icing. I hope you agree the cake is indeed cute.

For the foods, I ordered four viands from the fast food in front of our office. The menu I chose includes beefsteak, stuffed shrimps, shrimps and four seasons good for 30 persons which cost me a total of P3,100.

Now let’s go to the lechon (roasted pig). I actually planned to cancel it because, we might not have that much visitors but since my SIL’s husband has already ordered, we had no choice. Anyway, it didn’t cost us that much for the lechon, because Kuya only bought an alive pig at P2,000 and had it lechoned (roasted) for only P400 (labor cost), cheaper compared to commercial lechon house with price range between P3000 to P4000.

Since, Xye also had chikiting visitors I prepared lootbags for them too. Total cost for the lootbags and balloons more or less P500.00.

For the dessert, leche flan P 380.00, chair and tables rental of P700.00 from Darnell’s catering one of the caterers that our company hires every time there are meetings in the office.


To sum it up, this year’s celebration was a success with lesser expense compared to the celebration we had last year. Total expenses this year rounds up to P10,000.

These are the kids, from left Adrian (hubby's nephew), Alexa (my officemate's daughter), Xye (the celebrant) and Julia (also my officemate's daughter). They are of the same age, very difficult to take their photographs.

This event is not only a birthday celebration but a thanksgiving, because of the Life and Blessings that the Lord has always given us.

Ukay-Ukay Shopping at Iligan City

Yesterday after contacting my dentist for her availability, I decided to take a trip to Iligan City and asked my husband who was outgoing from his graveyard shift at Lugait, Misamis Oriental to meet me at Iligan. I boarded the bus at 8am, 2 hours after I arrived at Iligan City then went directly to my dentist to have my braces adjusted.

Saturdays are the usual days where new bundles of ukays-ukays (used clothes) are being opened at Iligan City Market, so after my dental appointment I went to my "suki" to dig into her ukay-ukay stall. I texted her in advance and she waited for me before she opened the US children clothes bundle. I selected first before the other customers (hehehe). 

Anyway after 1 hour digging into the huge bundle, I got these used clothes for my son. I actually paid P1,765 for all of these, with brand name includes CK, Arizona, Gymboree, Carters, Old Navy, RL, Children's Place, Osh Kosh, Baby Gap, etc.,
4 long pants at P90.00 each

6 short pants also at P90.00

10 shirts at P65.00 each

2 pajamas at P65.00

and this mossimo reversible halter dress for six year old girl at P85.

I bought this dress for my niece, one side has a floral design while the reverse side is plain with two stripes at the side.

Children's clothes need not be expensive because they will only wear them for a short while so ukay-ukays are much better when you only know how to choose.

Imagine the savings I got from buying a P90.00 ukay jeans compared to brand new jeans at the mall that cost around P500.00 (already at discounted price), definitely a steal.

This is what I miss in Iligan City the ukay-ukays, I wish I can find "ukays" here in CDO that sell US branded children's clothes also, not the Korean ukays.

~ 0 ~

By the way, my last post was about the scary experience we had the previous night. Well, we're able to find the culprit behind, it's not an "aswang" or lost spirit or what so ever but a sniffing cat that hides at back of the house. The cat actually has colds and kept on sniffing that sometimes sounds like a person. lol

Friday, November 23, 2012

Random Thoughts at Midnight

It's midnight, I'm wide awake and just finished my last round of Comment Exchange for this week, I don't have specific thoughts or event to be posted here except for my son's birthday celebration party last Saturday that will be posted on my other blog maybe by tomorrow. 

But there is something I wan't to share to you, two hours ago our two helpers were buzzing that they heard someone crying outside their window, and insisted that there is no one there.. I don't want to think about anything except that maybe our neighbor was indeed crying. But these two are afraid to stay in their room and since hubby is on graveyard shift tonight it made me scared to stay in our room with my son. So I asked them to sleep in our room instead and lock every door and windows for safety reason. 

And for me to prevent from hearing anything from outside I had our radio tuned in to FM for some soothing music. I hope after this post I can have a very goodnight sleep.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coughs and Colds Please Go Away

Our little prince Xye, had fever of 37.7 deg C last Thursday, the following day Friday he started coughing, then later that day sneezing and runny nose.

Three days passed dry cough was getting serious. It really made me worry because Xye never had coughs as intense as this one. The usual medicines that we give seem to be ineffective. I'm afraid that the situation will get worst and complications may arise.

Yesterday, I applied for a half day leave and brought Xye to his pediatrician. While waiting  at the clinic this little boy had so much fun running, climbing the stairs, and sometimes behaving himself on the bench when tired. Looks like he forgot about the coughs and colds that he had.

After one hour of waiting, his pediatrician had finally arrived. We had a fighting session first for him to lay down on the clinic's bed. He probably remembered that everytime we're in the clinic he got injections so as usual he cried and struggled to get away.

Xye probably had a strong viral infection, so aside from the usual medicines (salbutamol and decongestant /antihistamine) his doctor also prescribed an antibiotic.

Although Xye had completed all his immunization, he still was able to catch these annoying viruses that is because he's already attending toddler class and probably got exposed to virus infected kids in school. I hope he'll get better this week and we'll be able to attend class again.

One thing I like about Xye's pediatrician here in CDO, she keeps on giving us samples. Just like these vitamins, physiogel cleanser and atopiclair cream. Except for the vitamins (because he still have some) the cleanser and cream are very helpful in getting rid of the prickly heat (bungang singgot) that my son also had. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Starbucks 2012 Christmas Mugs

Seven days after Centrio Ayala Mall, had open it's door to the people of Cagayan de Oro City and the nearby provinces on November 9, 2012, I bought these first three items from Starbucks located at the ground floor newest mall in town.

I got these three 2012 Christmas Edition Mugs to be added in my collection.

12oz 2012 Christmas Mug (P535.00)
singing carolers with a bird on the handle.

3oz 2012 Christmas Mini Mug (P295.00)
candy cane handle with embossed SB logo


3oz 2012 Christmas Mini Mug (P265.00)
birds and Christmas ornament

There are still other designs displayed I hope to get them too, if I have extra money. winks*

Gleeful Birthday Cake

Xye our little prince had turned 2 years old on Thursday November 15, 2012. Because we want his special day to be celebrated in a small way before the simple celebration due two days after, I bought this cute cake with a glee design at Goldilocks.
Cute in terms of size, because I only got the junior size cake, and had the birthday greeting written on top and added a birthday candle.

Posing with the small cake is the birthday celebrant (not in the good mood) with his papa.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fish Ice Cream

Last week, after our badminton match with STEAG Raketeers, together with my ladies office mates we went to a Korean Restaurant at Masterson Avenue infront Xavier Estates, CDO.

Actually our main purpose in going to that place was not to dine out at the K Resto but to try the Korean Fish Ice Cream sold at the Mini Mart. We're all curious after our office mate Faith told us how delicious it is.

Our expectations were beyond reality, lol. we're expecting an ice cream with very nice presentation like the usual banana split that we have known but instead it was just an ice cream bar with a fish shape.

This is what the fish ice cream my office mate had been talking about at P65.00 each. lol

It's like a sandwich stuffed with ice cream and read bean paste. Yep there's red bean paste! And that red bean really made this ice cream delicious.

You should try this one, I don't know if the characters written on the foil pack says "Fish Ice Cream" since we can't read. We describe it as it is, literally because of the fish shape.

P.S.  Sorry for the dark pictures. I only have my mobile phone that time and with low battery..  :(


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Porsche for the Two Boys

Finally Four (4) Porsche Toy Cars for the two boys (Hubby and Xye) are here. These toys that are not only for the kids but also for big boys are from the Petron Passion for Porsche Collection.

Last Monday I got the Carera and Pamera toy cars, thanks to my officemate who got them for me.

And to complete the four (4) toy cars available to date, my office mate who owns a Petron Bulilit got me this morning the Cayman and Cayenne. Yehey! thanks so much!

What I love about these limited edition toy cars unlike others, they are equipped with engine sound chip that produces realistic revving engine sound, the horn and alarm also triggers every time you open the car doors. Just like other toy cars these Porsche cars also have pull-back action to let it run fast like a real racing car. cute huh!   

This toys are really amazing, and so far my favorite is the red one Cayman. And I hope to get the GT3 RSR which will be available next month to complete our collection.

The boys are out for play. So bye for now. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First 5 Days in Toddler School

Last week (Tuesday), I enrolled Xye in a toddler class at Holy Child Institute, I was lucky to get a slot even though it's already half-way of the year. You can read about it here.

Tuesday, November 5, 2012 - Xye's First Day in Toddler School

Before the class (class starts at 9am and ends at 10:30am), he played with the soft blocks by himself and never paid attention with other children. Xye usually plays alone at home. This is the very reason why I wanted him to attend toddler class, I want him to socialize and interact with other children. 

On his first day he had seated on the chair for just a while then started to roam inside the classroom together with two more younger children with ages 2.6 and 2.4 years old. There are eight (8) toddlers in the class only 5 with ages 3 years up are listening and responding to their teacher. The 3 youngsters have their own world walking and exploring the classroom.

Joy (his yaya) had to sit with him during the activity. I attended and observed his class on his first day.

Wednesday, November 6, 2012 - Xye's 2nd Day in Toddler School

On his 2nd day, Hubby send Xye and Joy to school. I let Joy carry with her my point and shoot camera to take photographs of our little pre-schooler.

Just like on the first day, he played again with the soft blocks inside this plastic box.

After the class, Joy and Xye went home by taking a public vehicle. It was Xye's first time to ride a jeepney. So glad to hear that he did behave inside the jeepney.

Thursday, November 7, 2012 - Xye's 3rd Day in Toddler School

On Xye's 3rd day, Joy and Xye went to school by jeep. The school is near our area, it only takes approximately 3-4 minutes by jeepney to reach the school.

On the 3rd day Xye was still busy with the blocks and his classmate Stephen played along with him, as usual this two guys didn't listen to their teacher. Busy with their play.

According to Joy, Xye cries every time the classroom door open and closes, he wanted to step outside the room. :(

Friday, November 9, 2012 - Quiz time for the 5 older kids, NO classes for the 3 young ones.

Monday, November 12, 2012 - Xye's 4th Day in Toddler School

Back on the soft blocks container again, walking and roaming inside the classroom during class.

 Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - Xye's 5th Day in Toddler School

Yesterday was Xye's 5th day in school, I guessed he had a very beautiful morning. He's in the mood according to his yaya.

Joy had him seated on the chair along with his classmates when class started. And he did stayed seated for one hour before the snack break.

Xye was seriously looking at the flashcard.

After the snack break, the class had resumed, our little preschooler had seated again on the chair with rest of his kids.

I was so proud of my little boy for being so behave and his teacher awarded him with 4-stars.Yehey!

I do hope this will be the start of a better days in school.

After the class Teacher Lyric, played with them at the play house outside the room.

And little boy seemed to be tired and had rested on the slide before they took off and went home.

This is what our Xye had experienced on the last 5 days in HCI Pre-School. I do hope and pray that Xye will become more sociable and will learn something from school.