Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First 5 Days in Toddler School

Last week (Tuesday), I enrolled Xye in a toddler class at Holy Child Institute, I was lucky to get a slot even though it's already half-way of the year. You can read about it here.

Tuesday, November 5, 2012 - Xye's First Day in Toddler School

Before the class (class starts at 9am and ends at 10:30am), he played with the soft blocks by himself and never paid attention with other children. Xye usually plays alone at home. This is the very reason why I wanted him to attend toddler class, I want him to socialize and interact with other children. 

On his first day he had seated on the chair for just a while then started to roam inside the classroom together with two more younger children with ages 2.6 and 2.4 years old. There are eight (8) toddlers in the class only 5 with ages 3 years up are listening and responding to their teacher. The 3 youngsters have their own world walking and exploring the classroom.

Joy (his yaya) had to sit with him during the activity. I attended and observed his class on his first day.

Wednesday, November 6, 2012 - Xye's 2nd Day in Toddler School

On his 2nd day, Hubby send Xye and Joy to school. I let Joy carry with her my point and shoot camera to take photographs of our little pre-schooler.

Just like on the first day, he played again with the soft blocks inside this plastic box.

After the class, Joy and Xye went home by taking a public vehicle. It was Xye's first time to ride a jeepney. So glad to hear that he did behave inside the jeepney.

Thursday, November 7, 2012 - Xye's 3rd Day in Toddler School

On Xye's 3rd day, Joy and Xye went to school by jeep. The school is near our area, it only takes approximately 3-4 minutes by jeepney to reach the school.

On the 3rd day Xye was still busy with the blocks and his classmate Stephen played along with him, as usual this two guys didn't listen to their teacher. Busy with their play.

According to Joy, Xye cries every time the classroom door open and closes, he wanted to step outside the room. :(

Friday, November 9, 2012 - Quiz time for the 5 older kids, NO classes for the 3 young ones.

Monday, November 12, 2012 - Xye's 4th Day in Toddler School

Back on the soft blocks container again, walking and roaming inside the classroom during class.

 Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - Xye's 5th Day in Toddler School

Yesterday was Xye's 5th day in school, I guessed he had a very beautiful morning. He's in the mood according to his yaya.

Joy had him seated on the chair along with his classmates when class started. And he did stayed seated for one hour before the snack break.

Xye was seriously looking at the flashcard.

After the snack break, the class had resumed, our little preschooler had seated again on the chair with rest of his kids.

I was so proud of my little boy for being so behave and his teacher awarded him with 4-stars.Yehey!

I do hope this will be the start of a better days in school.

After the class Teacher Lyric, played with them at the play house outside the room.

And little boy seemed to be tired and had rested on the slide before they took off and went home.

This is what our Xye had experienced on the last 5 days in HCI Pre-School. I do hope and pray that Xye will become more sociable and will learn something from school.


  1. Oh you have to savor these moments! I remember when I first brought my eldest son to school, all of us moms were in jitters. But the kids were OK. LOL

  2. Cute. Kids dont need to listen to their teachers at this age. They learn through play.

  3. Looks like the little boy is starting to adjust well with school..

  4. i hope he'll be alright soon and can easily adjust with school. it will take time.. :)

  5. I think it is okay that he just play with other kids since he is still too young to get serious with his study.

  6. Oh my, my son will soon be in school but that will be next year pa. No toddler class near our house kasi and the school just two houses away from our home only accepts nursery 4 years old up. But good thing her yaya is very patient in teaching him. I hope the school will accept him next year since he knows a lot naman na. Good luck to your little boy!

  7. He likes it in there. He seems to be having fun. Some kids cry during their first day or even weeks. But yours is nailing it.

  8. Give him time. He'll adjust and start socializing when he's ready. I had my daughter's yaya video her in school when she was just starting to see how she interacted and responded to the teacher :) Great keepsake too.

  9. Good thing the school allows taking pictures & yayas during class. Cute kid!


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