Friday, November 16, 2012

Fish Ice Cream

Last week, after our badminton match with STEAG Raketeers, together with my ladies office mates we went to a Korean Restaurant at Masterson Avenue infront Xavier Estates, CDO.

Actually our main purpose in going to that place was not to dine out at the K Resto but to try the Korean Fish Ice Cream sold at the Mini Mart. We're all curious after our office mate Faith told us how delicious it is.

Our expectations were beyond reality, lol. we're expecting an ice cream with very nice presentation like the usual banana split that we have known but instead it was just an ice cream bar with a fish shape.

This is what the fish ice cream my office mate had been talking about at P65.00 each. lol

It's like a sandwich stuffed with ice cream and read bean paste. Yep there's red bean paste! And that red bean really made this ice cream delicious.

You should try this one, I don't know if the characters written on the foil pack says "Fish Ice Cream" since we can't read. We describe it as it is, literally because of the fish shape.

P.S.  Sorry for the dark pictures. I only have my mobile phone that time and with low battery..  :(