Friday, November 30, 2012

Food Trip Food Treats

Birthdays are remembered occasions inside a corporate world. Because that's the only day that co-employees will be able to enjoy special treats from the celebrants. That's how it is in our office free treats days are always the best days in the office especially when the celebrants are Section Heads, Division Heads level and up. They are only ones who can afford special treats with extravagant cost. 

November's Birthday Celebrant includes two of our section heads and these are what they have shared to us.

November 9, 2012, the whole division (17 persons) had a sumptuous lunch at Sunburst Fried Chicken at Lim Ket Kai Mall to celebrate Sir Cesar's Birthday. We ordered the following;

5 orders of kinilaw isda
3 orders of tinolang lapu-lapu
5 orders of calamares

Aside from the three dishes above, each one of us had a Sunburst Chicken Duo + 3 orders of rice noodles. Approximately my boss paid around 6K for the meal, and before going back to the office we stopped by at a convenience store and bought 2 gallons of ice cream for the rest of our colleagues from other divisions and including us. hehehe

After the Sunburst treat, yesterday another section head Sir Steve celebrated his birthday. Although he wasn't physically around because he was on leave, three (3) layers of Sbarro Pizza had arrived in our office. Yep! I wasn't able to visit Sbarro yet when since it opened it's door to the public at Ayala-Centrio Mall but yesterday we had tasted the supreme, peperoni and sausage pizzas from the talked about, newest pizza house in CDO, the Sbarro.

It was indeed a treat with high standard that none of us, rank and files can afford. lol..

Thanks so much Sir Cesar and Sir Steve for the superb treats!


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  1. True! That's why I miss working in the corporate world. Haha. I miss my ex-colleagues, and the food they serve on their birthdays! :P

    Happy birthday to your Sir Cesar!


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