Monday, November 12, 2012

My BDO Emerald Reward Points

I received my BDO Emerald Reward card thru mail, months after I opened up my first personal savings account at Banco De Oro and after successfully maintaining at least P50,000 balance on my account. I have been a member since then, as printed in my card since Jan 2009. For more than 3 years, I have gained rewards points every time I had qualified bank transactions and whenever I go on shopping at SM and other participating establishments. My reward points had reached approximately 6,607 points that is equivalent to P6,607.00 which can be used as payment on my next shopping.

I thought of getting a gadget or a corelle dining set or a sewing machine with my gained points but after stressful thinking (charing! hehe) and my son’s approaching birthday celebration, which will be held at home and we don’t have utensils to be used in the party, I decided to get 2 dozens of Melaware plates, 2 dozens of cups, 4 bowls, 4 serving plates and 2 clear plastic pitchers.  Instead of using paper plates I thought of having these that can be used again in the future.

These of plates, cups, bowls and pitchers cost me a total 3,3665.5 points also equivalent to P3,665.5 that means I still have 2,942 balance from my 6,607 BDO Reward points. 

For now, I leave the remaining points as is and continue to gain more points from my transactions and hopefully I’ll be able to buy the sewing  machine that I wanted.  


  1. Encouraging to open an account with BDO :) The rewards are even more than the interest.

  2. Daddy has this too. But it took him years to have the card. Nagkaproblem sa address. He closed kasi our first BDO account when we moved here in Bulacan and yun pala old address nya pa din nagreflect when he opened a new account here. Okay na din atleast dumating pa din. Ang dami mo points sis ha. Mas lalo na siguro ngayon :)

  3. wow that's a lot of points, which only means one thing, you've already spent lot at SM and their partners! they should also give you a loyalty card then hehe!

  4. We usually use our rewards points to shop at Ace Hardware and Watsons. It's nice to have this extra feature from BDO.

  5. that was a huge points. When I received my card, just like yours, there are also points already loaded and we used to purchase grocery items using that card.


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