Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pocoyo and Friend's Birthday

Xye had turned 2 years old on November 15, 2012, but we decided to have a celebration two days later November 17, 2012, Saturday. We only have few visitors because we don’t have many friends here in CDO yet, we’re happy that our closest friends from Iligan City were able to come (they are also Xye’s god mothers), some of our officemates who are now living in CDO also, hubby’s sister and family, my classmate in primary school who lives here in CDO and her children, and also hubby’s college friends.

I would like also to share the cost involve in this event.

Unlike in his 1stbirthday, this year celebration was held at home, but of course we also have birthday theme, some balloons, cake, catered foods and lechon. If last year, it was a Safari Birthday, this year it’s Pocoyo and Friends turn. Pocoyo and Friends is actually one of Xye’s favorite TV show in Disney Junior. 

I had a Pocoyo and Friends tarpaulin and cake made for him. The original plan was to order a non-fondant cake with Pocoyo design so that it will not be too expensive unlike fondant cake. When I asked about the price of a 10” round non fondant cake (using boiled icing) Pane e Dolci charged me P 1,700.00 he told me that his fondant cake is only P2,000 for the same size and design. I was expecting a price range of P2500-P3000 for a fondant cake and my budget for the cake is only up to 2k, since within the budget I took the suggestion.

Fondant cakes are indeed great because cake designers can really do their crafts really well unlike with boiled icing. I hope you agree the cake is indeed cute.

For the foods, I ordered four viands from the fast food in front of our office. The menu I chose includes beefsteak, stuffed shrimps, shrimps and four seasons good for 30 persons which cost me a total of P3,100.

Now let’s go to the lechon (roasted pig). I actually planned to cancel it because, we might not have that much visitors but since my SIL’s husband has already ordered, we had no choice. Anyway, it didn’t cost us that much for the lechon, because Kuya only bought an alive pig at P2,000 and had it lechoned (roasted) for only P400 (labor cost), cheaper compared to commercial lechon house with price range between P3000 to P4000.

Since, Xye also had chikiting visitors I prepared lootbags for them too. Total cost for the lootbags and balloons more or less P500.00.

For the dessert, leche flan P 380.00, chair and tables rental of P700.00 from Darnell’s catering one of the caterers that our company hires every time there are meetings in the office.


To sum it up, this year’s celebration was a success with lesser expense compared to the celebration we had last year. Total expenses this year rounds up to P10,000.

These are the kids, from left Adrian (hubby's nephew), Alexa (my officemate's daughter), Xye (the celebrant) and Julia (also my officemate's daughter). They are of the same age, very difficult to take their photographs.

This event is not only a birthday celebration but a thanksgiving, because of the Life and Blessings that the Lord has always given us.


  1. Happy Birthday to Xye! :) I agree the Pocoyo themed fondant cake is really cute! I also admire moms who are able to pull off a great party without having to spend that much! Since I'm practical like you, I find it amazing that you only spent around 10K for this!

  2. Great idea on just buying the pid and having it "lechoned"

  3. i like the cake... i want simple cakes like this rather than the over the top bday cakes these days....

    i miss this home bday parties that we used to have... ang crazy na kasi ng mga bdays ng mga kids these days noh? hehe

  4. Happy birthday to your kiddo. My son turned 1 last November 11.

  5. What a cute cake. Looks like he had a wonderful time. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC
    Liz @ YACB

  6. Nice cake and happy birthday to your kid.

  7. What a great birthday Xye had! That is blue-tiful!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, January.

  8. Nice seeing and learning things about your family and country.


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