Friday, November 23, 2012

Random Thoughts at Midnight

It's midnight, I'm wide awake and just finished my last round of Comment Exchange for this week, I don't have specific thoughts or event to be posted here except for my son's birthday celebration party last Saturday that will be posted on my other blog maybe by tomorrow. 

But there is something I wan't to share to you, two hours ago our two helpers were buzzing that they heard someone crying outside their window, and insisted that there is no one there.. I don't want to think about anything except that maybe our neighbor was indeed crying. But these two are afraid to stay in their room and since hubby is on graveyard shift tonight it made me scared to stay in our room with my son. So I asked them to sleep in our room instead and lock every door and windows for safety reason. 

And for me to prevent from hearing anything from outside I had our radio tuned in to FM for some soothing music. I hope after this post I can have a very goodnight sleep.