Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ukay-Ukay Shopping at Iligan City

Yesterday after contacting my dentist for her availability, I decided to take a trip to Iligan City and asked my husband who was outgoing from his graveyard shift at Lugait, Misamis Oriental to meet me at Iligan. I boarded the bus at 8am, 2 hours after I arrived at Iligan City then went directly to my dentist to have my braces adjusted.

Saturdays are the usual days where new bundles of ukays-ukays (used clothes) are being opened at Iligan City Market, so after my dental appointment I went to my "suki" to dig into her ukay-ukay stall. I texted her in advance and she waited for me before she opened the US children clothes bundle. I selected first before the other customers (hehehe). 

Anyway after 1 hour digging into the huge bundle, I got these used clothes for my son. I actually paid P1,765 for all of these, with brand name includes CK, Arizona, Gymboree, Carters, Old Navy, RL, Children's Place, Osh Kosh, Baby Gap, etc.,
4 long pants at P90.00 each

6 short pants also at P90.00

10 shirts at P65.00 each

2 pajamas at P65.00

and this mossimo reversible halter dress for six year old girl at P85.

I bought this dress for my niece, one side has a floral design while the reverse side is plain with two stripes at the side.

Children's clothes need not be expensive because they will only wear them for a short while so ukay-ukays are much better when you only know how to choose.

Imagine the savings I got from buying a P90.00 ukay jeans compared to brand new jeans at the mall that cost around P500.00 (already at discounted price), definitely a steal.

This is what I miss in Iligan City the ukay-ukays, I wish I can find "ukays" here in CDO that sell US branded children's clothes also, not the Korean ukays.

~ 0 ~

By the way, my last post was about the scary experience we had the previous night. Well, we're able to find the culprit behind, it's not an "aswang" or lost spirit or what so ever but a sniffing cat that hides at back of the house. The cat actually has colds and kept on sniffing that sometimes sounds like a person. lol