Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Xye is in Toddler School

Yesterday, I finally have decided to call the learning center near our area and inquired about their pre-school program. I was in search for a toddler school here in the city, but the ones I read about only accepts children 2.5 years old and above. I was hesitant because my son is still too young to be accepted.

Xye is turning two this month and I really want him to attend a toddler school for him to be able to socialize with other children and probably learn how to interact and hopefully will know how to talk.

ready for school
 I asked the administrator if they have available slot for their toddler class this semester, but unfortunately it was already filled up and told me to enroll my son on summer class. I spent a little more time talking and asking her about their school (by the way the administrator is so accommodating), and tried asking her again if anyone might back out from the class, and may perhaps be able to accommodate my son. She told me that, they have a toddler student that is so sickly and always absent from class, probably the parents may pull out the child from the school. I gave her my number just in case.

Last night, I was so happy to receive a text message from the school that my son had been accepted.

This morning I brought Xye at the school and enrolled him, right away he joined his first class in the toddler school. As expected he's the youngest and smallest in the group. 

 Can you see him sitting on the chair? But after few minutes he started to roam around the room.

with his teacher after the class
I stayed, inside the room for 90 minutes and observed the activities they had. I hope my son will enjoy his stay in this new environment and hopefully will be able to make friends with them.

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  1. wow where has time gone??? Xye was just an infant when you started to join Wednesday Whites. I want to see close up photos of him, Jan. His face might have changed.. hehee. I miss that killer smile of his! :))

    Thanks for joining WW this week!


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