Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: The Year that Passed

Few more hours we’ll be bidding goodbye to 2012 forever and embrace the coming of 2013. And before that I would like to reminisce the events that had happened to me and my family this year.
2012 has given us a lot of ups and downs. This is also the year that we have to migrate from Iligan City (the place I have come to love because, I have stayed there more of less for 10 years) to Cagayan de Oro City because of work transfer. 

This year was the most painful year for me and my husband because; on June 2012 I lost my child before she was even born. She’s our 2nd bundle of joy, a little girl that I always wanted. But God had taken her away and made her an angel that will continue to watch over us. 

I have come to think that Cagayan de Oro is not a very good place for us, because this year he welcomed us with sicknesses. Dengue fever had struck our home on July last week to first week of September and victimized our house help which we had sent to hospital for confinement. My son’s yaya had fever as well but I think her resistance was strong enough to fight back the virus and had recovered right away.  I wasn’t spared because my blood platelet count had dropped below normal for 4 days.
Imagine how scared I was, if my little boy got infected by dengue virus too? Thank God he was spared. 

After the dengue, here comes the varicella zoster virus which clinched to my husband badly. And of course he will not leave our home without infecting those who have not experienced it like myself and Xye. Thank goodness, our son and I had lesser blisters because of the vaccine that we had unlike my husband who never had the vaccine.
This year for the first time, I had zeroed out my fifteen (15) days sick leave privilege which had never happened before.

Last month, we brought Xye for a check up to a Child Growth and Development specialist and he was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay. My husband and I cried again because another trial was given to us,but we have to be strong and had to work hard for our little boy. Aside from the toddler class that he is attending, Xye is also undergoing Occupational Therapy and hopefully he will be able to catch up with the rest of the kids his age.
In spite of all the downs that we had, our faith towards Him will always remain because we know God did everything for a reason and it is up to us to work it out. We are always thankful for the life He had given to us, for the people around us and for the work that we have, because hubby and my present jobs are giving us enough to support our financial needs.
So long 2012! Thank you for the spicy experiences. And welcome 2013! I hope and pray that the year of the snake will be a better year for all of us.