Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Bonus + Gift Baskets

Christmas also means more blessings right? Because during this season we also receive Christmas bonuses from the company we work for. Same as last year, we received cash bonuses and grocery gift baskets. Thanks so much!

And because we are also an employer of our two "kasambahays" we already gave them their bonuses of P1,500.00 each + gift baskets. 

Since hubby and I are working in the same company and both of us had received grocery gift basket each and we decided to give those to our two employees at home. 

And these are the items in our Christmas gift baskets this year. I had opened the red wine for my friends the other day and will be buying another one to replace it.

These two ladies at home had help us a lot, and we wanted to return the favor as well and we hope that this Christmas will also be the merriest for them, Joy (my son's yaya) and Bernadeth (our helper) and their families.