Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Parties 2012

Sendong and Pablo will never stop us from celebrating Christmas. In fact the subdivision we are living at is having their Christmas Party at this I can hear the music from the covered basketball court, I'm sure there are having a wonderful time. 

You may wonder why I'm here in front of my computer and not outside joining them, that is because we do not know anything about the event until this evening when we passed by at the venue. Honestly, we've been renting this house for 8 months already and the only neighbors we know are the oldies couple across us. That's the very reason we're never invited hehehe, because we don't mingle with other residents here.

Anyway, speaking of parties. This Tuesday December 11, 2012 is our department's party at N-Hotel. That means I'll be busy the whole day tomorrow not only with my usual works at the office but also preparing our division's presentation for the Variety Show contest. Yes, I decided to embark to co-head the task even though my oldies co-employees in the division are not willing to participate. Good thing that co-head "Nonoy" my officemate who is also an oldie but young at heart is very willing to help come up with the group presentation and also convinced the rest to participate.

So far, we had practiced last Friday and I think we already made it in the minimum number of participants (i.e. 8 persons) and we'll be doing a retro medley dance number. Of course three of us ladies have only short part and most of the parts will be performed my the males. lol..

Tomorrow will be our 2nd practice and by Tuesday night will be our final practice. 

So Wish us luck. winks*