Monday, December 17, 2012

First Christmas Party

Last Saturday, my son Xye had attended his first Christmas Party at HCI Pre-school. Each class level had their own presentation. The cutest class the toddlers, also had theirs. Among the 8 students only 5 of them had participated in the presentation, the remaining 3 do not know yet how to dance or follow instructions. The three littles ones are with ages below 3 years and that includes my son Xye who is only 2 years and 1 month old.

The variety show had started at 2:30PM at the school ground. The first to present are the toddlers, but since they are all so young and tend to be shy infront of so many spectators, as expected most of them just stood on the stage and had not moved.

Xye was not included but he really wanted to be on the stage too, so I allowed him to go on the stage while his classmates are performing. All he did was go near this cute little girl and smiled, laughed at her while she's dancing.

Look at him (left most) sitting comfortably on his chair for a few minutes , watching the older kids (nursery to k2) performing their dance numbers.

I think Xye had enjoyed not the party itself because he still do not understand what it was all about, but walking and roaming on the stage with all the kids also playing, runing and yelling around is just fun for him.