Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goodbye Pablo

After Typhoon Pablo had devastated most parts in Mindanao yesterday including Cagayan de Oro City, today Mr. Sun is finally up. We've finally had said goodbye to super typhoon, although he's still somewhere near Palawan I do hope that this so called super typhoon will continue to weaken and stop devastating areas that he will pass by.

Storm Signal had been lifted in our area and we're back at work. Classes are still suspended and the City is still monitoring for possible flood. Overall we have survived this dreadful calamity and we're so so thankful to you LORD for sparing all of us. And please LORD continue to bless and help those who are greatly affected.

By the way, I checked out our database today, the total system load on Mindanao is only around 500MW to 800MW which is far low compared to our usual 1200-1300MW during peak hours and on a Weekday. In our area, we have no power yesterday since 9 in the morning and was restored at 8pm. 

During these hours we're kept informed because of the this 12 year old casette radio which was supplied by our used to be 12volt car battery. Because of a damage plate the car battery had degraded from 12volts to 9volts which is also the required voltage for the radio.  Good thing hubby didn't throw the battery out after we have replaced it with new one, and we're able to use it at this situation.

And from time to time we have tuned in to our local TV stations for updates, our old china phone with TV was indeed useful.