Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Department's Christmas Party 2012

Having one big Christmas party for all the employees to attend is impossible in a company like ours that has more 4000 employees nationwide. Thus, Christmas parties are divided by department and are set on different dates depending of the availability of most employees.

Last night our department, the MSO held a one fun party at N-Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City. The event was shouldered by the company, from foods, games prizes, groups presentation prizes and raffle items. We did not cash out even a single cent for contributions except for the costumes that we’ve personally bought for our presentation.

The event was supposedly scheduled to start at 6:30PM but because we still practice Filipino time, the party officially started at 7:30PM.  

The real fun begins after dinner wherein each group (our department consist of 5 divisions + office of the head) had presented their group performances. 

Group 1  presented a Christmas carol and Dance number, Group 2 a Dance Number (Christmas Song), Group 3 a Dance Number (Remix Gangman& Christmas song), Group 4 Sing and Dance (Remix of Macarena, Gangman and Christmas Song), Group 5 Skit and Dance (Ballroom) and last but not the least Group 6 (our division) performed a Retro Medley Dance (Awitin Mo IsasayawKo, Hagibis-Katawan and Bongga Ka Day).

Group 2 - Third Place

Group 4 - First Place

Although we performed well but group 4 is way much better and beat us with only 0.6 points difference and got the first prize of P3000, our group went home second place with P2000 cash prize and group 2 on third place with P1000. The rests also got consolation prize of P500.00 each.

Our Group -2nd Place

Our "MEN" performing the Hagibis-Katawan!
No matter how unlucky I am in raffles, unexpectedly I got a prize too, a 4-piece decorated glasses. And also we got an additional prize of P500 for our division after winning the charade game. 
Although, I did not stay that long (after the program was the “disco-disco” part), I still enjoyed the whole night of fun that only happens once a year. :-)

special thanks to our officemate Godwin for the wonderful photos.