Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Loot Bag is Here

I should have posted this the moment I received the winning loot bag but unfortunately I was not feeling well, I had head ache for two days and had to rest and refrain myself from facing the computer. 

Anyway, now that I have fully recovered I'm sharing to you my winning loot bag from Mommy Tyna's first Giveaway. ( Cool to know I have a little luck left in me! hehehe) I got the package last Saturday, although I was excited to open it in-spite of the headache after we did our grocery, but it was hubby who opened it up first (mas excited pa ata sya, curious kung ano laman hehehe). 

So let us peek what are inside this pink package 

1 Chocolate Drink
1 Apple Cinamon Gogo Squeeze
2 SansFlou Toothgel
2 packs of 2 Drypers Diapers
1 small pack of Drypers baby wipes
1 cute bottle of Drypers Head to Toe Wash
1 cute notebook
2 chocolate bars
1 Dyrpers T-shirt
1 Dryoers cloth diaper
and 2 magazines.

These items are are very useful to my little Xye, he's actually using Drypers products from diapers to baby wash.

And I also got a special gift from Mommy Tyna, a lip plump and shine lip gloss from herbench, yippee! Thanks so much Mommy.

I wanted to take photo of myself but I was only with my little man the whole day today (Sunday), so instead I had him wear the cute "LOVE IS ON ME" t-shirt and took his photo. 

The shirt fits him perfectly. :)

Thanks  so much for the goodies Mommy Tyna. Hope to win another giveaway.