Thursday, May 31, 2012

It is More Fun in The Box

I have two boxes full of toys at home, 1 plastic storage box and 1 recycle box from bear brand milk. I love to play and mess up all the toys inside the boxes, aside from that I find it more fun getting inside the box. Of the two boxes I prefer squeezing myself in the "bear brand carton" box. Even it has a lot of toys in it, I still enjoy sitting on top of everything. Just like the picture below.

Seeing me in this state, mom asked Ate Joy to keep all the big toys inside the big plastic storage box and only the small ones be placed in the bear brand box. Now I have more space in the box after taking everything out.

I'll sometimes spend time in the box first before taking a bath.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miscarriage and Eclipse

This is an overdue post, I was supposed to write this after I’ve heard that my friend had a miscarriage a day after the annular solar eclipse on May 21, 2012, but I completely forgot about it because I was so busy at work. Now that I remember it, I want to share my thoughts about it.

Do you believe that miscarriage can sometimes be caused by an eclipse? This sounds ridiculous right, because there were no scientific evidences that tell that a natural phenomenon such an eclipse can cause a pregnant woman to have a miscarriage. 

Though there are a lot of myths and old folk tales that say that whenever there is an eclipse pregnant woman should not get out of the house or should wear black shirt or dress to protect their unborn child. 

On May 21, 2012 annular solar eclipse was seen all over the world. In the Philippines the eclipse had occurred around 6am to past 7am of May 21, 2012. 

In my case, since I am 28 weeks pregnant that time I guarded myself by wearing black shirt on Sunday and Monday because I was not sure what time the eclipse will occur. Though I don’t want to believe but things like this can sometimes be true and there’s nothing wrong if we just follow what the oldies say. 

When I heard that my friend had a miscarriage a day after the eclipse, and that she never went out of the house until past 7am on Monday, the first thing I had thought of is that could the eclipse caused it? considering she did not feel anything unusual before the miscarriage.

Whatever the real cause of the miscarriage was, for us pregnant women let’s just be vigilant and just listen and follow what our old folks advice. Besides there’s nothing wrong if we believe. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

photo credit: Philstar

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's a GIRL

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound to check my baby's vitals, body measurements, the placenta position, and of course my baby's gender. Everything were normal except that at this point in time my baby is in breech position. 

By the way, what is a "breech presentation? Breech is a position of the fetus wherein the feet or the buttock lies closest to the cervix. According to the sonologist yesterday, my baby's buttock lies near the cervix instead of the head. But according to what I have read also,  at this point in time fetuses are usually in this position, and normally will rotate to it's normal position when approaching to term. Well, I do hope this will happen in my case, or I'll end up in c-section, which I do not like to happen. 

Furthermore, the good news that hubby and I had received yesterday was that we'll be having a GIRL in our family soon. Yep! I have prayed and wish for a girl to be our second child after having our very beautiful son Xyrus as first born. 

God is so good all the time. He will surely listen and give you what you want if you earnestly ask for it. Thanks so much Lord for another bundle of joy, for hearing our prayers and for being with us always.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet and Creamy Leche Flan

Leche Flan is indeed sweet and creamy just like these slices of leche flan served as dessert during our seminar.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Big Playground

This is actually an overdue post but still I want to share it to you. On May 4, 2012 we went to SM Cagayan de Oro City for a quick stop at the grocery. While Papa and Mama were shopping, I was walking around and exploring the grocery, of course Ate Joy was with me all the time. 

See I was so excited to stroll on my own while holding my red Ferrari car toy.

I looked like on a marching stance with my leg stretched forward. 

After Mama and Papa did shopping, we have to get back home because it's getting late. While waiting for Papa near the exit I was busy again walking around, and even went to check out for books at Booksale. 

I really had a great time strolling around SM City it was like walking in a big airconditioned playground. Thanks Ma and Pa for tagging me along. Until next time.

Sharing this playtime adventure for

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nail Cutter and Chocolate

 I got these items from my colleague today, as a pasalubong. Though, it's not her (my officemate) who came home from abroad but her sister, but she is generous enough to share. I got myself a Singapore nail cutter keychain, chocolates and a honey roasted peanut. I already devoured the peanuts before I thought of taking this photo. lol..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Brush Brush Brush

Brush, brush, brush three times a day.. these are the lyrics/melody from an advertisement that I always here on television. I've seen also mom brushing her teeth every after meal and I really do want to try it on my own. Last week, while ate Joy is brushing my eight front teeth I grabbed the toothbrush from her and put it on my mouth, just like this...

I guess that's the right thing to do, because mom was so happy to see me doing it. And she even got the camera right away to take my pictures.

 I also made a funny face so that mom will take more pictures.

What do you think? Am I doing the right brushing technique?

Sweet Pomelos

Last Friday I got 1 box full of sweet pomelo from Davao City. My very good friend Charry send these to her preggy friend ME. winks*

Thanks so much my dear.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Beach Fun on Labor Day

May 1, 2012 Labor Day was a non-working holiday here in the Philippines. Papa and Mama together with my Tito, Tita, ates and kuyas went to beat the summer heat at Opol Beach in Misamis Oriental. 

Mama and Papa wanted me to experience swimming or just dipping in the sea water but I was afraid because the sea is so vast unlike the basin that I had at home. The water was cold compared to the lukewarm water that I used to bathe every day.

 Even walking barefooted at the sand feels different because the first time I saw the beach was went I was still 11 months old, and I had completely forgotten what it feels like to be in the beach and walking on the sand.

But even so, I settled floating on my red inflatable floater so that Papa can take some snaps.

 See I felt comfy though.

But what I loved most is playing with the sand and getting my legs buried in the sand.

 Kuya Long dug the hole and placed me in it. 

 Why is it I felt so sleepy whenever I'm near the water? huh?

The day ended just fine even though I felt sleepy around 10am and went for a 2-hour nap before we packed our things and went home. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Celebrating May 3, 2012

This is an overdue post but still I wanted to share what had happened on that day.

May 3, 2012 was actually our 4th year anniversary as husband and wife. Hubby and I has applied for leave of absence for work on that day, to celebrate our day at the same time accomplish things that are needed to be taken care of.

As early as 8AM, hubby and I made our way to Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to renew our professional licenses. Mine had expired last January while hubby's license will be expiring next month. Renewing professional licenses are very important because you will never be called as professional in your field if you're holding an expired professional ID.

Before 9AM we left PRC and went directly to PS Bank to deposit our early released of 13th month pay. We've applied for a loan at the bank to pay-off our 300sqm lot at one of the exclusive subdivision here in the city. So, we had to transfer and saved our income to another account right away because that money is intended to pay our monthly amortization. 

Next stop "Manulife" office. While reviewing the policy contract I noticed that there was a discrepancy on my son's name, so to prevent future problem I had to correct it as early as possible. We went to their office and requested for a correction and also had our billing address changed. We wanted to secure our son's college education in the future, so purchasing an educational plan is one right decision we had made. I just hope that the company we have chosen will not have any problems in the future.  

Those are the things that we have accomplished of the first 3 working hours of the day. After that hubby and I went for a lunch date at Mandarin Restaurant.