Thursday, January 24, 2013

Family Vacation + Birthday Wish Granted

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Today, January 25 I’m celebrating my 35 years of existence in this wonderful world. And to celebrate the day, we are currently having our 1st family vacation. 

I dreamt of planning an out of the country trip but our budget cannot afford it. No beach vacation for now too because our little one don’t like beaches yet we have to train him to love them first by bringing him to nearby beach resorts before booking somewhere else. Instead, we chose to explore some of the kid friendly places here in Metro Manila. This vacation was made possible because of the CEB piso fare that I was able to book last year.

~ 0 ~

To make the birthday more fun, a wishlist should be written down too. 

For the past two years I blogged about my birthday wishlist here and here, and in that lists the same gadget was written, a gadget that I dreamt of having, a new DSLR camera. This year that DSLR camera, a Canon EOS 7D or an EOS 60D that Iwanted so much is already out in my list. Because in August last year after receiving my travel allowance, I asked my officemate who went to Manila that time to get me the Canon EOS 60D DSLR Camera with 18-135 kit lens, it’s cheaper in Manila compared in the province. Yep! a dream come true, it was a late birthday gift for myself last year and an advance gift for this year. And I love it, love it, love it! “big grin”

So this year I’m listing the same two items that I have listed in my 2013 wishlist.

1. A Sewing Machine – because I want to sew our own curtain, bedsheet and pillow cases.
2. A Samsung Galaxy Tab – because I want to be “IN” hehehe
These items are not really important to me and I’m not craving for them, but just in case I’ll earn extra I’ll consider getting them. 
For now, I’ll celebrate my birthday with my family because celebrating special occasion like today with our love ones is priceless.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 Planner 2013

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a person who never use planner, I never had one before. But because I’m not that young anymore and tend to forget my schedules, I finally join the wagon of planner users.

Last November I purchased a Belle De Jour Power Planner online after reading about it in one of the BC Blogger blog. The planner + shipping cost P 612.00. I was contented but after reading about another planner especially tailored for mothers, my mind swayed again and told me to get one too.

Two weeks ago I placed my order at Mommy Matters Shop, the planner cost P400.00 + free shipping. Three days later the package arrived at our doorstep.

So let's take a look what are inside this 6"x8" hardbound spiral planner with water color design front cover reflecting the creative and colorful side of motherhood, tagged as the Ultimate Planner for Moms. By the way the package came with an Urban Mom Magazine, a freebie.

The weekly pages were divided into three main rows, the top part intended for Mom's schedules, the second part which is sub-divided into three, for kid's schedules while the lower part with 4 columns for special weekly goals labeled for Mom (Me), Kids, Home and Work. 

Important pages are included that are very essential for Moms. The Menstrual Tracker, Kid's Information Sheet, Kid's Health Record and Immunization Record. Truly thumbs up! :)

There are special pages included too such as the grocery essentials page, the family food favorites page, the party planner page, the household staff file page, vacation and trip planning page and idea pages. There are coupons too, but not really useful to me because I live in the south.

I wanted more pages for the money matters, unfortunately only two were provided. I hope next year they will provide more pages, if possible one page per month.

Overall, the Mom 24/7 Planner is indeed a must have for Moms.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday: Busy day to Start the Week

I started the week as a very busy body thanks to my officemate who's still enjoying the Sinulog Fever because he is on leave until Wednesday. 

When one of us is on leave the other one will take over the job, so it's my turn to do his reports until his return, I'm somewhat on a multitasking mode since Friday and will be until Wednesday.

Aside from the double reports that I had to accomplish this afternoon, I had other intervening tasks that were assigned to me by my boss after we had our division's meeting. And there's still the minutes of meeting that I have to finish by tomorrow.
Anyway, I'm looking forward for Thursday to come, because it will be my turn to be out of the office, and I'm leaving behind for two days my work load to my officemate. Yep! I'm on leave too! And be back on Monday next week. Yahooo!

Friday, January 18, 2013

BPC 18/365: The Young Farmer

Young Farmer checking out his farm? 

These photos were taken at Xye's Grandparents' home in Cabanglasan, Bukidnon in November 2012. We had him wore a pair of blue boots borrowed from his cousin, and let him walk around the house.

But instead of walking around the little guy was in bad mood, he was actually in the "bagotbot" mode. Nag sige ra jud bagotbot ang batang gamay hehehe . He was not used to walking in grassy path, he prefer cemented walkway like the streets in the subdivision we live in. kaarte ba jud oi! hehe

Maybe the next time we'll have our vacation, I think he'll enjoy running around. Hopefully! :)

BPC 17/365: HotWheels Cars from McDo

McDo had HotWheels Cars for their happy meal in September last year. When I saw them at my SIL's home, I swore to get them for Xye. As expected I went to McDo in Lim Ket Kai the following day and both two burger happy meals and got the two cars. lol..

Look at us so busy putting on the stickers on Xye's new toy cars. 

I'm not really a McDo fan, but I love their Happy Meal because the toys that comes with it are durable compared to toys from Jollibee's Kiddie Meal. :)

BPC 16/365: Cry Baby

The last time we went to beach was in September last year. Xye was afraid of the sea water back then, he cries a lot and never let go his father.

Four months passed, I want to see his reaction when he see that huge body of water. Will he cry and afraid like the last time? Let's see. If the weather is good I think we'll head to the beach in Opol, Mis Or.

Starbucks Charming Peaches Mug

Nice and I went to Starbucks Lim Ket Kai Mall on January 10, 2013 after attending a kiddie party. I was hoping to find a new year edition mug but unfortunately none were left. Instead I found two cute pink limited edition mugs on display one called Pink Peach Blossoms and the other one is Charming Peaches .

photo not mine

photo not mine

I wanted both but I don't have money left, so I have to choose only one. And the winning mug and is now part of my collection is

The Charming Peaches

Ooopps! I don't want hubby to see it for now "at baka mapagalitan ako hehehe"..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BPC 15/365: Christmas Bonding at SM

A Family Bonding 

Photos taken on December 9, 2012 at SM Cagayan de Oro City.

Bad Day + Pay Day = Yesterday

As of this writing, it is 2:00 AM January 16, 2013 here in my part of the world. I woke up from the sound of pounding rain outside, my son asked for a bottle of milk a while ago, and my left foot just hurts. These reasons are enough for me to stay awake for awhile, open my netbook and update my blog. 

I just want to share my previous day experience inside and outside the corporate world. 

I woke up early and drove my husband to the bus terminal at 4AM yesterday. This will be my role beginning this year because the new shifting schedule had been implemented. Compared to the usual 8AM "time in" for the day shift it will be 2 hours earlier. Since hubby is on shifting schedule, and his station is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from CDO, he has to board the 4:15AM bus or he'll be late.
Anyway, moving on...One of my personal goals this year is to lose weight. Among badminton enthusiasts in the office, we agreed to make Tuesday and Thursday 6PM to 8PM to be our "sweat it out time". Not only it is our way of exercising but also as our stress reliever because as we sweat we also shed away those worries and problems from work even for just two hours.

And I have mentioned above that my left foot hurts, yes it really does because I sprained it about 7 hours ago while playing badminton with my officemates after office. I think my size 6 feet cannot hold my "heavy" body weight already. As I feel the pain, I'm more determine to shed this bulging fats I have and get back to the body I once had, for me to be able to move with agility inside the court again or else I'll always get this foot injury again and again.

To sum it up my yesterday was not that good because I end up with foot injury but on the brighter side it was pay day yesterday. That means I have to  visit Mr. ATM later this afternoon and withdraw my first half month, hard earned moolah of the year. As in mine only, because hubby's atm is with him, and he manage his shares of expenses in our household and I do my shares too. winks*

That's it for now, I still have few hours to sleep again before going to work.

Monday, January 14, 2013

BPC 14/365: Xye's Small Pool Resort

I have mentioned before that we have to retire Xye's big inflatable pool for the time being because of water constraint, and settled for a smaller one. 

 The pool this time is just enough for him.

BPC 13/365: Blue Tricycle From Godmothers

Xye got another gift, this time from his fairy godmothers. 

A new blue trike from Ninang Nice and Ninang Mia. His Ninang Nice brought this "it's better late than never" gift for Xye last week.

Yippee! Thanks Ninangs! mwah! 

Here's a pose with Ninang Nice.

BPC 12/365: Inside the Big Pail

Last Saturday, we visited my SIL's (hubby's older sister) home in Opol, Misamis Oriental. We usually visit their home so that our little one will be able to play and socialize with his cousin Adrian. 

While we're there, Xye did his unfinished business for the day, he pooed in his diaper. Since we always bring extra clothes and diapers with us, we washed him there. Anyway, the water is free because they have a manual pump.

Look at him playing with the pail-full of water while he was being cleaned. 

After that, we placed him inside the pail. 

Can you see the splashes of water? Yep he did enjoyed playing with the cool water that came from the manual water pump. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Past Due Cable+Internet Bill

Jes received a text message from the cable TV and internet provider reminding us to pay our bill before January 15, 2013 or it will be disconnected. We assumed that we have not received the bill yet because we have not seen it attached on the fridge door.  After looking for it, hubby finally found it tucked with the rest of the paid bills inside the drawer.  

We always see to it to pay our obligations on time to avoid arrears, disconnection, etc. But there are times because of forgetfulness and over de-cluttering, important documents are misplaced just like what happened to our cable + internet bill.

 Anyway, to make the story short we paid our bill at the newest Parasat Center located at the 3rd floor of Ayala Centrio Mall last Saturday. We chose to pay there because we wanted to settle including the arrears if any, good thing there’s none.

I hope next month, any bills will not be overlooked again, now that I already have a planner. :-)


Friday, January 11, 2013

BPC 11/365: Four Little Toddlers

These four toddlers were born on the same year 2010.

From left Adrian was born on September 30, Alexa on August 20, Xye on November 15 and Julia on November 23.

Adrian is my husband's nephew, while Alexa and Julia are daughters of my officemates. They were Xye's very important guests on his 2nd Birthday.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

BPC 10/365: Xye's Big Pool Resort

Xye's Big Pool Resort was usually set in our front yard every weekend, as long as the weather is fine (not raining). 

Like I mentioned in my last post, Xye was afraid at first but the second time and the rest of the times, his moments inside the pool were already so fun for him.

Sometimes Mama bear also played with the little boy inside the pool.

  Papa Jes took our photo. 

I think this was the last time that we used the big pool. We've been using a smaller pool this time just enough for Xye, para tipid muna sa tubig. hehe

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome Home Twilight Saga!

The first installment of Twilight Saga was released in November 2008. After this movie was released, I searched for the whole series in the local bookstore here in the province but unfortunately it was sold out. Since I was so hooked and really want to get hold of the copies, I asked my friend from Metro Manila to get me the whole set at Fully Booked. She did bought the set for me after it was re-stocked.

After I have read them, my friend Nice borrowed it. These books were in her hands for 4 years, she waited for the last installment "The Breaking Dawn II" before returning them.


Yep! they're back in my hands, Nice brought these books with her today when she visited our humble home. I almost forgot about them and it's good to see them again.

BPC 9/365: Big Inflatable Pool

Hubby and I bought this inflatable pool last November at Toy Kingdom.

Too excited to inflate and let my little boy play with it, the following day, Joy (my son's yaya), Bernadeth  (our househelp ) and I alternately pump the "portable foot pump" that we have at home, hubby was on duty (good for him). It took us more than 1 hour to inflate all the rings of the pool. hehehe I should have bought a pump intended for this.

After our tiresome battle, here comes the filling of water. The little guy was patiently waiting for his pool to be filled.

Even the filling up of the pool took as sometime even only up to that first line (the blue ring). I realized that this pool is so huge, although it will be more fun for the boy to play in it but it's just too big and the water here in CDO is expensive. Our water consumption will sure rise up to the ceiling if we continuously use this pool every day or even just every weekend.

Anyway, Xye had been cautious at first, we let him sit on his plastic chair inside the pool because he do not want to sit on the water.

The next day the little guy had finally adjusted and did enjoy his huge huge pool.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BPC 8/365: Plastic Basin Helmet

While waiting for the electricity to come back after Typhoon Pablo had passed by Cagayan de Oro City on December 4, 2012, at the same time waiting for the food to be served, this little was so busy playing with the plastic basin. He likes to turn it upside down on top of the dining table and enjoy the wiggling of the basin before going into full stop. 

To make it more fun for him, I asked his yaya to place the basin on his head like a helmet. See, he's kinda enjoying it. I was readily holding the camera waiting for him to frown, smile, laugh while doing this craziness.

Monday, January 7, 2013

BPC 7/365: Mickey Mouse Coinbank

I wanted to buy this Mickey Mouse coinbank last month, I saw them on display at Robinsons Department Store in Lim Ket Kai but because it was holiday season, the paying counters were with long files of shoppers. I was not in the mood to join the line. 

Last Saturday after Xye's haircut we went to Lim Ket Kai for a stroll and saw this coinbank again and bought it, with price tag of P79.00 approximately $2 (no discount). This coinbank is intended for Xye, I'm planning to drop my P10.00 coins here and open it up on December and buy something for him.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

BPC 6/365: Rocking Pony

I bought this rocking pony in an American Surplus garage in Davao City last year. His Ninong Jefer grabbed this as soon as he have seen it, because since it's like an ukay-ukay of toys there were so many people and as in "agawan and show". I forgot the exact amount but I think I paid P800.00 for this.

This pony had stayed in the box for more than a year. Just two months ago that hubby was able to clean and repair it. Yep! since it is surplus small damages are expected and this pony had broken neck. Hubby repaired it by placing a metal plate bar inside to reconnect the head to his body.  By the way this pony is made of styro, hard and durable enough to carry a toddler in his back. 
Here's our little boy riding his pony. Not his type really because he prefer arcade rides that moves on its own.

At least he did stayed for 1 minute and posed for me.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals and Wishlist

After reading a lot of 2013 goals from fellow BC Bloggers I realized I really need to do mine too. I had scribbled my goals a while ago and posted them below. I am hoping and praying that this year will be a better year for us compared last year. And hopefully also, that the goals written here will be achieved.

Family Goals

Start Building our own house – This is our major goal this year. The piece of lot that we have purchased the other year is currently in the process of title transfer. After the title will be transferred to us, we’ll be able to apply for a housing loan at Pag-ibig Fund and eventually will start constructing our little abode. 

Travel with Family – I dreamt of travelling with my family outside the country but I think it will not be feasible for now because we’re still saving up for our major goal. Travel within will be the best option. I hope to set aside budget for this. 

Another Bundle of Joy – Right after I lost our 2nd bundle of joy last year, hubby and I were so determined to try once more. We counted days and months waiting, preparing for the right time to try conceiving again but circumstances had happened in between. Health issues, vaccines, etc. and here comes my son’s condition that has to be taken care of and needs more of our time. So husband and I agreed to try again maybe late this year after we see improvements from Xye. 

Personal Goals

Lose Weight and Stay Healthy – I have told myself many times that I need to shed those over extra pounds away. But I don’t have the discipline and continuously breaking the rules. So this year I firmly restrain from eating too much and order myself to exercise more. 

Get More Sleep –For me to be able to achieve my # 1 personal goal, I need to have 8 hours of sleep everyday so that my body system will function properly.  And by getting more sleep I’ll be more active and will be able to enjoyably perform my daily tasks. 

Love My Day Job More – The same as every year, I’ll constantly love my day job because it is our bread and butter. Hubby and I can’t find better jobs than what we have right now. Unless we’ll venture on seeking jobs abroad, which is not easy to do.  This year I’ll continuously do my job well, never get late (hmmm last year I never had late time in, I always arrive at work before 8am, clap.clap.clap), be satisfied on what the company is giving us, and be thankful if they give us extra.

Make at least 1 handmade jewelry every night – Handcrafting jewelries is one of my hobbies that eventually turned into small business. Although my market is only in one particular public school (because my SIL is the one selling my crafts to her co-teachers) but at least my SIL and I are earning extra. Next month will be Valentines and proms month therefore I need to double time and send out my handcrafts by first week of February.

Blog More and Improve – I definitely want to earn extra thru blogging but ever since I started my paypal only has $280.80. Imagine 3 years of blogging and writing nonsense. That is why I really envy bloggers who do great and earn big. But I guess I really don’t have the skills like them. But I’m still hoping to improve my so called crooked English writing skills and learn to write with sense, who knows I might earn more. 

Shop Less, Save More – Definitely a must this year. For me to be able to achieve our major goal is to refrain myself from shopping unimportant things. I need to watch out our daily expenses and focus only to the needs and not the wants. Especially also that we need to allocate money for our son therapy and tuition. This reminds me to open a Junior Saver account for my son, so that I can regularly transfer amount and save for his future. 

My Wishlist

Sewing Machine – I was asking my hubby for a sewing machine as Christmas gift by slicing his overtime pay but he told me that “instead of giving you a sewing machine, I’ll buy two new tires to replace the dilapidated tires of the car that your are using everyday”. I was dumbstrucked and realized that our car indeed needs two new tires, and I'm the one who's regularly using it and not him. But after what had happened to my FIL, the supposedly budget for the new tires was used to buy medicines. No new tires for now. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – I wanted this gadget last year but after thorough thinking I realized I don’t need it and besides I still have my Asus EeePC netbook and my Samsung S2. So I’m relisting it in my wishlist this year.

To sum it up, after writing all my goals I think these two will remain to be in my wishlist and I definitely can’t get them using our savings from our monthly income. The only way I can get them is by monetizing my blog (hopefully will earn more from it) or by trying my luck in giveaways. Crossing fingers here.

As the saying goes...

Good luck! I hope not only me but all of us will achieve our goals this year because everything is POSSIBLE.