Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals and Wishlist

After reading a lot of 2013 goals from fellow BC Bloggers I realized I really need to do mine too. I had scribbled my goals a while ago and posted them below. I am hoping and praying that this year will be a better year for us compared last year. And hopefully also, that the goals written here will be achieved.

Family Goals

Start Building our own house – This is our major goal this year. The piece of lot that we have purchased the other year is currently in the process of title transfer. After the title will be transferred to us, we’ll be able to apply for a housing loan at Pag-ibig Fund and eventually will start constructing our little abode. 

Travel with Family – I dreamt of travelling with my family outside the country but I think it will not be feasible for now because we’re still saving up for our major goal. Travel within will be the best option. I hope to set aside budget for this. 

Another Bundle of Joy – Right after I lost our 2nd bundle of joy last year, hubby and I were so determined to try once more. We counted days and months waiting, preparing for the right time to try conceiving again but circumstances had happened in between. Health issues, vaccines, etc. and here comes my son’s condition that has to be taken care of and needs more of our time. So husband and I agreed to try again maybe late this year after we see improvements from Xye. 

Personal Goals

Lose Weight and Stay Healthy – I have told myself many times that I need to shed those over extra pounds away. But I don’t have the discipline and continuously breaking the rules. So this year I firmly restrain from eating too much and order myself to exercise more. 

Get More Sleep –For me to be able to achieve my # 1 personal goal, I need to have 8 hours of sleep everyday so that my body system will function properly.  And by getting more sleep I’ll be more active and will be able to enjoyably perform my daily tasks. 

Love My Day Job More – The same as every year, I’ll constantly love my day job because it is our bread and butter. Hubby and I can’t find better jobs than what we have right now. Unless we’ll venture on seeking jobs abroad, which is not easy to do.  This year I’ll continuously do my job well, never get late (hmmm last year I never had late time in, I always arrive at work before 8am, clap.clap.clap), be satisfied on what the company is giving us, and be thankful if they give us extra.

Make at least 1 handmade jewelry every night – Handcrafting jewelries is one of my hobbies that eventually turned into small business. Although my market is only in one particular public school (because my SIL is the one selling my crafts to her co-teachers) but at least my SIL and I are earning extra. Next month will be Valentines and proms month therefore I need to double time and send out my handcrafts by first week of February.

Blog More and Improve – I definitely want to earn extra thru blogging but ever since I started my paypal only has $280.80. Imagine 3 years of blogging and writing nonsense. That is why I really envy bloggers who do great and earn big. But I guess I really don’t have the skills like them. But I’m still hoping to improve my so called crooked English writing skills and learn to write with sense, who knows I might earn more. 

Shop Less, Save More – Definitely a must this year. For me to be able to achieve our major goal is to refrain myself from shopping unimportant things. I need to watch out our daily expenses and focus only to the needs and not the wants. Especially also that we need to allocate money for our son therapy and tuition. This reminds me to open a Junior Saver account for my son, so that I can regularly transfer amount and save for his future. 

My Wishlist

Sewing Machine – I was asking my hubby for a sewing machine as Christmas gift by slicing his overtime pay but he told me that “instead of giving you a sewing machine, I’ll buy two new tires to replace the dilapidated tires of the car that your are using everyday”. I was dumbstrucked and realized that our car indeed needs two new tires, and I'm the one who's regularly using it and not him. But after what had happened to my FIL, the supposedly budget for the new tires was used to buy medicines. No new tires for now. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – I wanted this gadget last year but after thorough thinking I realized I don’t need it and besides I still have my Asus EeePC netbook and my Samsung S2. So I’m relisting it in my wishlist this year.

To sum it up, after writing all my goals I think these two will remain to be in my wishlist and I definitely can’t get them using our savings from our monthly income. The only way I can get them is by monetizing my blog (hopefully will earn more from it) or by trying my luck in giveaways. Crossing fingers here.

As the saying goes...

Good luck! I hope not only me but all of us will achieve our goals this year because everything is POSSIBLE.

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  1. happy new year January! Traveling with my family is on my to-do list this year too. alongside with getting healthy. hehe


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