Thursday, January 10, 2013

BPC 10/365: Xye's Big Pool Resort

Xye's Big Pool Resort was usually set in our front yard every weekend, as long as the weather is fine (not raining). 

Like I mentioned in my last post, Xye was afraid at first but the second time and the rest of the times, his moments inside the pool were already so fun for him.

Sometimes Mama bear also played with the little boy inside the pool.

  Papa Jes took our photo. 

I think this was the last time that we used the big pool. We've been using a smaller pool this time just enough for Xye, para tipid muna sa tubig. hehe


  1. Wow fresh na fresh ang feeling ni baby..I love to have that kind of but we don't have enough space sa labas kaya sa big basin nalang or di kaya sa bath tub maglalaro:)

    visiting from 10/365 BPC:)

  2. What a cutie little boy...looks like he had so much fun in his pool.

  3. Its nice to look that your pool and umbrella has the same color! :-)

    Visiting from BPC.

  4. aw so cute! we had one last summer. it was a crocodile design, pero the next day it was deflated. somebody poke a whole in it.

    from BPC!

  5. agoy, pagka cute kau..nakaligo na jud sa wakas...ehehe!

  6. Awww! Love the umbrella cover as well in your resort Xye...that looks very fun to swim :-) Dropping very late from the 10th day of BPC

  7. Ayay! That's a perfect refreshing dip!

    Late BPC hop! Thanks for your constant joining! :)


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