Monday, January 14, 2013

BPC 12/365: Inside the Big Pail

Last Saturday, we visited my SIL's (hubby's older sister) home in Opol, Misamis Oriental. We usually visit their home so that our little one will be able to play and socialize with his cousin Adrian. 

While we're there, Xye did his unfinished business for the day, he pooed in his diaper. Since we always bring extra clothes and diapers with us, we washed him there. Anyway, the water is free because they have a manual pump.

Look at him playing with the pail-full of water while he was being cleaned. 

After that, we placed him inside the pail. 

Can you see the splashes of water? Yep he did enjoyed playing with the cool water that came from the manual water pump. 


  1. He really had a great time! Oh those priceless cute!

    visit from 12/365 BPC

  2. hehhehe..sos, lingaw tawon kau...ang katawa priceless time, sa dagat namaligo..unay bitaw kay sa opol....ehehee!

  3. Such a cute little boy. Nag enjoy gyud sya sa water.

  4. aw that is so cool! i wish my kids has some playmates too. our house is located far from my husbands inlaws, so my kids dont have any playmates.

    late BPC hop!

  5. awww! that looks so fun Xye and free water perfect to enjoy it more :-) Dropping by from the 11th day of BPC

  6. awww that's a fresh and awesome source of water! ka-nice kay naa ra sa inyong tungod!? i miss pinas style of taking a bath kay naa sa gawas. budlay kaayo magtabil-tabil aron walay makapanglili. LOL.

    Thanks for linking this to BPC! Doing my late hops here!


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