Saturday, January 5, 2013

BPC 2/365: Exploring during Stopover

The little guy was busy walking, running and exploring the restaurant on our lunch stopover at Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon.

He was so busy and had stopped his exploration when the food was served.


  1. Hahaha! Mao na giingon lagi ba nga kaon ray makapahilom! :D I miss eating meals on those restaurants from stopover areas. Big boy na man oi! Been a while, sis!

    Thanks for joining BPC! :)

  2. He was like from health department checking the place if it's safe hehehe so cute exploring and discovering.

  3. Gotta eat Mommy or else have no powers to play again :-) Returning from the 2nd day of BPC :-)

  4. I enjoy this age...d makapuyo...sige pod ta ug lakag...hahaha!

    sorry to hear about your FIL...:(

    BPC hop pod ko!

  5. .yay! your kiddo seems starting to get curious of his surroundings now...many mommies said it's the time they're getting tiredof following teir kids but of course, the moments to experience themselves and personally see how the kid grows.. :) for BPC 2/365. :)

  6. aw.. he is getting so big na sis. =)

    BPC hop!


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