Saturday, January 5, 2013

BPC 3/365: Christmas Gift from Ninong Jefer

Xye received a Christmas gift from his Ninong Jefer. A a sketch board that I so wanted to buy for him.

Luckily, his Ninong Jefer asked me what he will buy for his godson. Since, he's my best friend I automatically said "Tomy Megasketcher" without second thought! lol.

Thanks Ninong for the wonderful gift although Xye still do not know how to write but this sketch board will surely help him in the future. :)


  1. a sketcher is a good way to practice your little one to doodle and write. i used that to help my little boy (3 years ago) to read and doodle. what a nice gift! bpc hop here.

  2. Yep, that's a good stuff for little kids! I am not sure if I still have my firstborn's doodler. I have to check the box in the garage. It will be perfect for the little one who's growing up fast.

    Your son is lucky to have a generous Ninong!

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  3. That's a really nice and educational toy for your baby to practice scribble

  4. What a sweet gift from Xye's Ninong :-) He can practice scribbling for now but soon he will know how to write his name :-) Returning from the 3rd day of BPC :-)

  5. wonderful gift indeed!

    Thank you for your visit.

  6. ..wahhh! sketch board pod akong gihatag sa akong mga inaanak :)

    ..from 3/365 BPC :)

  7. aw that is very sweet of the Ninong. your kido will surely love it.

    BPC hop here


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