Saturday, January 5, 2013

BPC 5/365: Hair Cut

This morning Joy (my son's yaya) and I brought the little one for a hair cut. His father was not around so I did the driving and brought him at Gaisano Barbershop.

To make Xye stay still while Kuya Barber is trimming his curly hair, just for today I had him watched his favorite TV show on Disney Channel Junior "Chiro" music video saved in my phone.

Because Xye had grew up always watching TV at home, it may be one of the reason why he is inattentive and delayed in his development. The doctor advise is "definitely NO TV".


  1. Awww! a new haircut to start the New Year :-) Xye looks like he is intrigue of his favorite show :-) What a clever idea Mommy :-) Dropping by from #5 of 365 BPC

  2. very clever mami. he is such a good boy letting someone cut his hair.

  3. very clever indeed! And he sure did stay still. Hop by from BPC 6/365

  4. oh, look a how concentrated he is! so cute, great tactic mommy! ;)

  5. Maayo pa si Xye kay new haircut for the new year. For sure he looks like a handsome guy in the new hair! Indeed, TV is not good for kids. My 6 years old is limited to a maximum of 2 hours screen time (TV or gadgets) per day. She doesn't really reach the max hours because after 30 minutes, when I tell her to stop the screen time, she'll obey. :)

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  6. ingon ana pod mi magcut sa hair sa ako anak..iya raman daddy magputol..he watched his fave cartoons on ipad while doing the cutting..Bitaw sis not good jud sa bata mahingag TV, disiplina jud need labi na ning ako kay preschooler far, he's more on reading than watching movies but usahay walay makabasa para sa iya kay nabusy ang tanan, walay choice but let the TV babysit him:(

    visit from 5/365 BPC

  7. i have an 18-month old boy now sis and i feel guilty at times because i let Dora the Explorer and the other cartoon shows babysit him. at 18 months, he still has very few words, he talks gibberish. but as for the Kuya, he grew up watching Dora but was so good in picking up the sentences and all from what he has seen. well, children grow at different rates. let's just hope that everything will be normal and that they grow healthy and strong. by the way, i haven't thought of that idea... hehehe... nice one! super late bpc hop!

  8. i think he just needs attention and to be outside with other kids so he can interact and copy what they are doing. =)

    BPC hop! hope u can drop by


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