Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BPC 8/365: Plastic Basin Helmet

While waiting for the electricity to come back after Typhoon Pablo had passed by Cagayan de Oro City on December 4, 2012, at the same time waiting for the food to be served, this little was so busy playing with the plastic basin. He likes to turn it upside down on top of the dining table and enjoy the wiggling of the basin before going into full stop. 

To make it more fun for him, I asked his yaya to place the basin on his head like a helmet. See, he's kinda enjoying it. I was readily holding the camera waiting for him to frown, smile, laugh while doing this craziness.


  1. When my kids were born (1996, 1998 and 2005), photoblogs were not big yet! (1996 nga, wala pang digital camera.Super careful with taking shots at baka maubusan ng film!)Mommy, you have so many blogs, inggit much!

  2. You have a cute little boy...his having fun:)
    BPC hop!

  3. haha, instant headgear! Cute!

  4. Eh he he! Kids are silly but cute at the same time. :)

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  5. cute! that's what I called fun!

  6. this is the beauty of children's life...they can find happiness in small things...he looks so cute!!!

    visit from 8/365 BPC

  7. aw.. kids like his age would be happy to play with anything.

    BPC hop! hope u can drop by

  8. Awww! such a cute and fun you little boy you have Momi :-) He is so stinking cute :-) pakiss Tita Jess mwah :-) Dropping very late for the 8th day of BPC


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