Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BPC 9/365: Big Inflatable Pool

Hubby and I bought this inflatable pool last November at Toy Kingdom.

Too excited to inflate and let my little boy play with it, the following day, Joy (my son's yaya), Bernadeth  (our househelp ) and I alternately pump the "portable foot pump" that we have at home, hubby was on duty (good for him). It took us more than 1 hour to inflate all the rings of the pool. hehehe I should have bought a pump intended for this.

After our tiresome battle, here comes the filling of water. The little guy was patiently waiting for his pool to be filled.

Even the filling up of the pool took as sometime even only up to that first line (the blue ring). I realized that this pool is so huge, although it will be more fun for the boy to play in it but it's just too big and the water here in CDO is expensive. Our water consumption will sure rise up to the ceiling if we continuously use this pool every day or even just every weekend.

Anyway, Xye had been cautious at first, we let him sit on his plastic chair inside the pool because he do not want to sit on the water.

The next day the little guy had finally adjusted and did enjoy his huge huge pool.


  1. There's the little man, super excited to go swimming! That is perfect for the summer and it is great that everyday is summer in Philippines! :)

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  2. It is really tiring to inflate that pool (from experience). But its a joy to see them play in there, right? :-)

  3. you bet...water is really expensive...mau jud ni ug makapuyo duol sa suba...hehhe...joke!

    klaro kau nga excited na maligo!

    BPC hop!

  4. agoy no kamahal sa ato water bills..kami sa Pinas kay duol ra suba na didto mi maghapon nilangoy:) Kahimos sa bata naghulat sa tubig..I bet he will have wonderful moments in his pool:)

    visit from 9/365 BPC:)

  5. aw that is so cute. u probably tired after pumping for an hour. lol. i bet your little one is enjoying the water.

    from BPC!

  6. Kalingaw sa mga bata basta naay pool. Im sure yiyr kid is enjoying the water.

  7. yay! You really needed that Xye to cool off yourself from the excruciating init in the Philippines :-) Ask Mommy to put some floating toys to swim with you in the pool and have fun :-) Returning very late from the 9th day of BPC


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