Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 Planner 2013

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a person who never use planner, I never had one before. But because I’m not that young anymore and tend to forget my schedules, I finally join the wagon of planner users.

Last November I purchased a Belle De Jour Power Planner online after reading about it in one of the BC Blogger blog. The planner + shipping cost P 612.00. I was contented but after reading about another planner especially tailored for mothers, my mind swayed again and told me to get one too.

Two weeks ago I placed my order at Mommy Matters Shop, the planner cost P400.00 + free shipping. Three days later the package arrived at our doorstep.

So let's take a look what are inside this 6"x8" hardbound spiral planner with water color design front cover reflecting the creative and colorful side of motherhood, tagged as the Ultimate Planner for Moms. By the way the package came with an Urban Mom Magazine, a freebie.

The weekly pages were divided into three main rows, the top part intended for Mom's schedules, the second part which is sub-divided into three, for kid's schedules while the lower part with 4 columns for special weekly goals labeled for Mom (Me), Kids, Home and Work. 

Important pages are included that are very essential for Moms. The Menstrual Tracker, Kid's Information Sheet, Kid's Health Record and Immunization Record. Truly thumbs up! :)

There are special pages included too such as the grocery essentials page, the family food favorites page, the party planner page, the household staff file page, vacation and trip planning page and idea pages. There are coupons too, but not really useful to me because I live in the south.

I wanted more pages for the money matters, unfortunately only two were provided. I hope next year they will provide more pages, if possible one page per month.

Overall, the Mom 24/7 Planner is indeed a must have for Moms.