Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday: Busy day to Start the Week

I started the week as a very busy body thanks to my officemate who's still enjoying the Sinulog Fever because he is on leave until Wednesday. 

When one of us is on leave the other one will take over the job, so it's my turn to do his reports until his return, I'm somewhat on a multitasking mode since Friday and will be until Wednesday.

Aside from the double reports that I had to accomplish this afternoon, I had other intervening tasks that were assigned to me by my boss after we had our division's meeting. And there's still the minutes of meeting that I have to finish by tomorrow.
Anyway, I'm looking forward for Thursday to come, because it will be my turn to be out of the office, and I'm leaving behind for two days my work load to my officemate. Yep! I'm on leave too! And be back on Monday next week. Yahooo!